7 fears and negative thoughts that men have on their first date

Not only we women have fears and emotions before and during the first meeting with a potential partner.

Even though society describes them as strong and always confident, men on the first date also experience fears, negative thoughts, and anxiety. They may not see each other, but they may feel insecure or unappreciated.

Here are 7 negative thoughts that men have on their first date, revealed by them!

1. “I don’t know what he’s thinking, and that worries me.”

When the potential partner is quiet enough or doesn’t let too many emotions surface, some men start to worry. “What is he thinking? Does she like me or is she just nice out of complacency? ” these are questions that run through the mind all the time.

2. “I feel like I have no more energy to offer, after many failed meetings”

After a long period of dating without any results, some men begin to feel that their energy and enthusiasm are diminishing. They don’t feel as excited and full of life when they have a date. Then, they are afraid that their mood will be transmitted to the woman with whom they went on a  date.

3. “It’s hard for me to open up, even a little bit”

The vulnerability has been and still is associated with femininity. Therefore, the boys were taught that it is not okay to express their emotions or to be extremely open, especially “from the first”.

However, when men manage to open up in front of a partner, but it hurts them, they tend to close and not be as available with the next woman.

4. “I can’t handle the conversation”

Many men are very afraid of the quiet moments they had during the first date. They feel that they are not able to lead a conversation and they are afraid of the perception of the woman next to them. In addition, preconceived notions such as “a man must always lead everything” put enormous pressure on any man.

So, don’t hesitate to take control of the conversation, if you notice that the person you dated is stuck with ideas or is simply anxious.

5. “I’m afraid he won’t let me see him  after  the meeting”

The fear of ghosting is not specific to women, even if it has happened to all of us at least once. And men are afraid that the potential girlfriend will not disappear in the fog, once the meeting is over. Especially if he is a person I already quite like!

6. “I don’t know if it’s attraction or friendship”

You, as a woman, have probably felt this many times. You went out on the first date, it felt really good, but you were confused about how you feel about the person you spent a few hours with.

Are you attracted to her personality and do you want a relationship or is it just a potential friendship? If you confuse the two feelings and you are wrong? It is also the concern of many men.

7. “I’m too short”, “I’m overweight”, “I didn’t shave well”, etc.

Yes, it is true: men also worry about their physical appearance. Even if it seems easier to present yourself as a man (after all, you don’t need make-up or a very complicated outfit), this is not always the case. Many men worry that they are not attractive enough and that their physical appearance will not be appreciated.

7 fears and negative thoughts that men have on their first date

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