Isn’t your life the way you thought it was after you got married? The reason may be poor communication between you and your husband!

You talk about work, about kids, about rush hour traffic, but you don’t know how to communicate effectively with your spouse about things about your partner.

You live in the same house, you sleep in the same bed, and you share the same birthday, and yet your marriage has lost its brilliance, and the intimate connection between you is suffering.

Most early marriages begin with promises, vows, and high hopes and plans for the future. Everything is pink! Over time, however, this commitment is ready and the partners are making no effort. Unfortunately, what is essential is lost in the monotony of everyday responsibilities.

Learn to communicate effectively with your husband in order to have a happy marriage. 8 tips

Be honest about your wishes

Do you really want your husband to talk more … or listen more?

Good and effective communication is the healthy reciprocity of both partners.

But if you feel stuck because of poor communication, it’s important to be honest about your needs.

Women who complain that their husbands do not speak actually want husbands to listen. Not just pretending to listen to them, but listening to them with all their heart.

Create security

Anything can be shared when the environment is safe.

Therefore, visiting a therapist can create this environment when you do not know how to persuade your husband to communicate.

Lack of communication is often a sign of fear.

Therefore, it is imperative that you never use your husband’s words against him. You swore to love, protect and cherish him!

Be the safe place where your husband can land. Take care of his heart!

Accept the differences between you

We can talk all day about how different men and women are. But if we do not learn from these differences and apply the lessons, we lose valuable information.

When it comes to communication, men and women not only have different styles, but also different needs.

Women will empathize, men will respect. And, their communication styles reflect these differences.

It is important for women to maintain eye contact during conversations.

Men feel more comfortable talking while doing something.

Standing face to face can create tension, which is why it can be more comfortable to sit next to each other or move while talking.

It is important that each of you seek to understand the other. Discover the language of your husband’s love and start speaking it!

Listen intentionally

Listening is not a game of waiting. It’s a learning mission.

Look for information to help you get to know and love your husband more intimately.

You will not notice or hear the nuances of the information if you simply wait for your husband to finish what he has to say, so that you can say what you want to say.

Listen to him quietly, with compassion, without judgment, do not complete him, do not speak over him and do not fill the gaps of silence!

Even soothing comments can stop the flow of the husband and his confidence in the safety of the conversation.

If you don’t know how to get your husband to communicate with you, work to be a good listener.

Your husband puts his vulnerability on your tray. Treat him carefully, learn, be grateful!

Ask open-ended questions

“Are you ok?” you will probably get a “Yes” answer.

“What do you think about the controversy over wearing a mask at school? It opens the door to a real discussion.

By asking open-ended questions, you have a better chance of finding out how much your husband wants to talk to you.

Timing and timing mean everything

Do not open important and serious topics when you are both tired. Communication is successful when partners set it up to be successful.

Pay attention to each other and choose the right time for both of you.

Don’t expect him to read your mind

“He should know”, “He can figure it out for himself” are lines that lead your relationship to failure, especially when there are expectations related to those topics.

It is incredibly unfair not to take responsibility for communicating what you want or need and to wait for the other person to realize.

Inevitably, your husband will not read your thoughts correctly and you will both be upset.

It is very important that the assumptions are avoided, and the reading of thoughts falls into this category.

Be the wife you want to be

You teach people how to treat you.

Model the behavior you want from your husband. Take the risk of being the first to do the right thing.

Listen more, create confidence, speak the language of your husband’s love. Set up your relationship to succeed, having expectations only of yourself and trusting that your partner will respond accordingly.

Learning how to persuade your husband to communicate with you has less to do with him and more to do with you.

After all, you can only control what concerns you.

8 Tips for Happy Marriage: Learn to communicate effectively.

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