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4 Zodiacs Who Should Focus Less On Love In October 2023

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Love doesn’t have to be the center of your universe. Whether you’re single or are madly in love, you don’t want to forget about your other priorities. You don’t want to lose track of yourself and what you really want. Here are some zodiacs who should focus less on love in October 2023:


Pisces, it’s in your nature to put other people before yourself. But you don’t want to spend the entirety of this month worrying so much about making them happy and keeping them comfortable that you neglect your own priorities, schedule, and dreams. Even though it’s sweet that you want to be there for others, you have to show up for yourself too. You have to remember that your needs matter too. More than that, your relaxation matters. You deserve time to yourself, time to unwind, time to engage in whatever it is that makes you the happiest. So this October, spend at least a little time forgetting about your crush or your partner and try dedicating that time to yourself for a change.

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Virgo, you want to be a supportive partner. You want your person to feel like they can come to you with absolutely anything. And that’s what makes you such a wonderful partner. However, your person doesn’t need you every moment of every day. They don’t need you to baby them because they can take care of themselves. This month, give them some space so that you can remember what happiness looks like without them. They shouldn’t be your only source of joy. There should be passions and hobbies, friends and interests, that also brighten your days. This month, make sure you spend some time on the things that bring you the most excitement outside of your relationship.

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Libra, you’re a romantic so it’s hard for you to get your mind off of your crushes or partners. You spend your days counting down the minutes until you get to see them again — but that shouldn’t be the case. Even though it’s great to have someone you’re excited about seeing, you shouldn’t be miserable every second you’re apart. You should be trying your hardest to enjoy the present instead of itching to get it over with already so you can reunite with this one special person. Your life still matters without them. The time you spend on your own is not wasted. Make the most of it this month because you don’t want to be fooled into believing the only good moments are the time spent with your love.

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Sagittarius, you are passionate and hardworking, which means sometimes you end up with a single-minded focus. When you’re in love, that focus is on your person. You are always thinking about them, even when you’re apart, and are brainstorming ways to make them happy. But you don’t want to be stuck in your head, daydreaming, when exciting things are happening around you. You don’t want to miss out on fun moments without your partner because you feel guilty they aren’t by your side. You can’t spend every waking moment together, and you can make the moments you’re apart just as beautiful as the moments you’re together. You don’t need them to survive–or thrive–and this October is the perfect time to remind yourself of this.

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4 Zodiacs Who Should Focus Less On Love In October 2023

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