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This Is The Change Every Zodiac Needs To Embrace On 5/5

Numbers carry an intense amount of energy and wisdom. Seeing angel numbers, or repeating numbers, is always a sign from the Universe.

Angel numbers 555 represent change and growth. It is a sign from the Universe, encouraging us to embrace variety and pay attention to what in our lives needs adjustment. Sometimes we will resist this change, and that is when we need to take a step back, look inward, and recognize what is lacking. It has been said that 2023 is the year of personal growth, wisdom, and self-awareness. It’s okay to surrender to the unknown — in fact, it’s welcomed. Be more open, more flexible. This is always a good thing.

Today is also a Lunar Eclipse, or as some call it the “flower moon,” which is when there’s a Full Moon in the month of May. April showers bring May flowers! The Moon is in Scorpio, which is all about an intense blend of beauty and chaos. Eclipses can make us wary of transformation, changes, and new beginnings, even if they’re necessary.

With all that being said, this is what each zodiac sign should embrace during this 5/5, Lunar Eclipse energy:


You are accepting and preparing for the end of certain life chapters and having to make new goals. Don’t be impulsive during this time. Slow down. Focus on your successes — that will help move you forward.


Aries, you’re focusing on your goals and are finally completing that one major project you’ve been working on for so long. You’re feeling a kind of confidence and purpose now more than ever. It’s different for you, but just embrace it!


You’re feeling a lot more restless at this time, Gem. You’re more uncertain about where you’re going, what you’re doing, and who is meant to be in your life. Focus on the things you value most and then go from there. Reflect on who and what empowers you.


You are finally seeing the seeds you’ve planted become something beautiful. And what are those seeds? Self-discovery. Courage. Creative potential. This is a big moment for you, Cancer. Embrace it. There’s nothing to be afraid of!


You are feeling so deeply inspired and empowered during this time. Like, more than usual — which is saying a lot. You are not letting anyone dim your sparkle, not now and not ever. Keep building on this solid ground. You got this, Leo.


You’ve been working really hard lately and feeling good about where you’re at, but people from the past might be appearing around this time and it’s causing your hurt to uproot. This is a time of inner growth and self-empowerment, Virgo. Just be patient.


You’re feeling so confident — and that’s so different from what you’ve been feeling lately. Like, you know your worth now, Libra. You value yourself and your needs so much more and you don’t allow yourself to be the people-pleaser you’ve been. Stay true to yourself.


Past relationships have been resurfacing (thanks to Mercury Retrograde) and not only are you embracing this new-found confidence, but you’re letting go of everyone that doesn’t serve you — and you’re feeling so good about it.


This is a time of releasing negative thoughts and feelings and learning to trust again. You’re on a new wavelength that’s inviting a lot of change in your life — new connections, more travels, new ideas. Embrace it all, Sag.


Lately, Capricorn, you’ve been focusing on your relationships: the people in your life who should and should not be there and what you value and deserve in a partnership. If something isn’t working for you, speak up about it — this will be good in the long run.


You are closing a chapter and starting a new one, Aquarius! In fact, you’re putting a lot of work into this new chapter of your life and getting the recognition you want and deserve. People are going to see these changes in you and be so proud. Be proud of you, too.


Pisces, you’ve been experiencing a lot of highs and lows lately, but now you’re on a high. You’re putting in the work into your creative energy and feeling so much more magnetic and confident. You’re creating stronger connections with people and this is so, so good for you. Enjoy it.

This Is The Change Every Zodiac Needs To Embrace On 55

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