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4 Zodiacs At A Crossroads In Love On October 22, 2023


Leo, your crossroads comes down to prioritization. Your love life has been fun and casual up until now, but a decision lies before you. In order for a tryst to develop into something more serious, time and effort need to be invested, but there’s only so much of it to go around. Time spent building intimacy with a partner means less time for parties and happy hour and chatting up strangers wherever you go. This is the moment you decide if your feelings are strong enough to go all in and leave some of this fun behind for what could potentially evolve into the kind of relationship that provides a deeper, more meaningful kind of satisfaction. The risk is getting it wrong and realizing precious weeks, months, or years of your youth were spent on someone who wasn’t the right fit. There’s no way to truly know what will happen at this point in the relationship, so the question, at its simplest core, is whether or not it’s worth the risk to you. Anything less than a clear, resounding yes is worth reconsidering.


Aquarius, you’d never be caught dead with anyone less ambitious than yourself, and your crossroads this month is about considering an easy out. Your schedules have become busier, you both have more responsibility than ever, and neither one of you wants to hold the other back. There are plenty of excuses you could grab onto to justify an amicable parting of ways at this moment and no one would be to blame. It’s simply a question of what you each want and need. Do you tough it out and find ways to adjust, concoct a plan that allows each of you to tackle your goals without losing touch or growing apart, or do you walk away and give yourselves the luxury of complete tunnel vision? Unabashed focus without any distractions to get in the way. Your choice will depend on the way you view each other and the relationship. Is it a distraction or is it your support system, without which you would not have the same security and confidence to be aiming so high in the first place?


Your crossroads, Virgo, is a decision to drop your act or go to your grave committed and method. You’ve been holding back in your relationship and let a facade get in the way of your true feelings. Call it the “cool girl” persona, call it pride, call it stubbornness, but whatever you’re clinging to is the true source of your frustration, not anything your partner is or is not doing. Maybe you’re waiting for them to make the first move, to put their feelings on the line, to commit. You place all of the onus on them, instead of coming to terms with the fact that you’re the one letting opportunities to connect pass you by, holding in all the things you want to say out loud, pretending the relationship is more casual than it actually is. It’s your wasted potential, your suffocated emotions that are hurting you, not the other person. You are the one who has to choose between walking away to save face or taking an actual stab at something with the potential to be wonderful.


You’re on the cusp of something extreme, Capricorn. Be it breakup or engagement, you know you’ve been headed in this direction for some time. Like the true HR employee that you are, you have a paper trail that goes back far enough to justify the decision. You haven’t rushed to a hasty decision, no matter how much you may have wanted to, and truly gave your partner time to prove themselves and show their true colors. Instead of making a decision based on a single good or bad day, you’ve seen them across the full spectrum of emotions and situations. You know their baseline, their average, and can depend on them for a certain kind of behavior. The next step for you is to simply put your trust in your own faculties and observations and take that plunge based on all your research. It’s no longer about them anymore and all about you.

4 Zodiacs At A Crossroads In Love On October 22, 2023

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