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Beauty Tricks According To The Zodiac Sign

Which care ritual is right for you, depending on your zodiac sign?

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Some women spend hours in front of the mirror, applying all kinds of creams and beauty products, while others rely on nature and are ready to leave the house in just five minutes. Some use the same products as long as they know each other, while others are always looking for something new. These details, like the smaller or larger beauty problems you are prone to, are influenced not only by genetics but also by your zodiac sign.

Beauty tricks according to the zodiac sign


If you get a pimple or break a nail, you make a real drama out of it, so it is desirable to always have a correction stick, a file, a nail file in your bag. You are prone to skin irritations on the nervous system or because you keep forgetting to remove your make-up. Red lipstick gives you confidence and gets you out of any mess!

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Very conservative, you are the type of woman who hardly gives up her favorite range of products. From time to time, it’s good to try something new, so that the skin can benefit from more nutrients. Your makeup is simple but effective, and the world recognizes you by your fine perfume.

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You are tempted to try all the products you see on your girlfriends, without caring if they suit you or not. Try to choose creams and blushes that match your skin, and ask the beautician’s advice or, better yet, the dermatologist’s. You almost always wear a shiny accessory that makes you stand out.

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Like you, your skin is quite fragile and sensitive. It’s good to choose special products with a calming effect and always keep thermal water nearby, which you can use permanently instead of the irritating one from the tap. Very feminine and romantic, your eyes are your strong point and you like to highlight them.

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You pay a high price for care. Too high, perhaps, because you are tempted to invest impressive sums in the newest and most expensive products, without being sure that they are effective. Because you fidget and talk a lot, having a lip balm always in your bag would do you good. For the eyes, don’t go wrong with cat-eye make-up, and wear the hair freely!

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Delicate and sweet, you don’t even need makeup to stand out, despite all that you like to shine, literally. You are very picky when choosing your care products and you do it very well! Look carefully at the list of ingredients and bet on natural ones, which nourish the skin without harming it.

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You don’t really have the patience to follow a care routine. You could be amazed by the results if you consistently use a whole range of products as per the book: day cream, night cream, eye cream, and moisturizing serum. Ruled by Venus, your beauty is natural, so don’t overdo it by applying too much makeup! Highlight your eyebrows and lips, that’s enough!

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Mysterious and exciting, smokey eye makeup catches you wonderfully. All the worries that you worry about nothing will show up on your face ahead of time in the form of expression lines if you don’t take measures. Apply products with an anti-aging effect and do not neglect the facial massage. At least five minutes in the evening.

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Because you’re always on the run, a BB cream and an easy-to-apply gloss to get out of the mess at any time. If you suffer from acne or skin irritations, a change in diet and a cleaning solution is really useful. Regarding the eyes, the eyelashes are the strong point. The extensions were created especially for you!

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You always have a serious air, it’s not in your nature to stand out with exaggerated makeup. Instead, you like to use creams and lotions for your skin and body and opt for fine, quality products. Especially in winter, your skin is very dry, therefore apply body butter and oils daily, after the evening shower.

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Don’t get carried away with flashy eyeshadows and don’t use too many creams either. Choose one with a high sun protection factor regardless of the season! You can’t go wrong with it! Your smile is the most beautiful makeup for you, and the right perfume instantly makes you feel good, that’s why it should never be missing from your purse.

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Because you love water, take advantage of the evening bath to nourish your skin, adding special oils with a softening effect. Moisturizing products are good for you at any time, both for the body and the skin. Thermal water, tonic water, and herbal infusions are also suitable for the daily care of a Pisces woman.

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