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Food According To Your Zodiac Sign

What are your food preferences according to your zodiac sign?

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Rams consume a lot of energy and have an incredible appetite. He eats excessively when he gets angry, without taking into account what he puts under his nose: from sweets to chips or hamburgers, in any combination. This native is crazy about spicy food and if he starts cooking, there is every chance that he will add spices with excess zeal. He loves to experiment. It would be good to eat slowly, relax and try foods with a calming effect, such as bananas, mushrooms, and salmon.

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Bulls love food, especially traditional food, it pleases their senses and this can be seen in the form of a few extra kilos, especially since they don’t move much. If you bring them some mice and hamsters, they are the happiest in the world. You might have problems with digestion if you are a Taurus because you eat a little fat and you cannot give up bread under any circumstances. Whole grains are included in the daily menu, and apples and citrus fruits help you.

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I am attracted to new, original recipes with new ingredients and he is always experimenting in the kitchen. They have a weakness for fluffy and creamy sweets. A pancake or a chocolate donut is ready for a Gemini at any time. Otherwise, it cannot be said that he exaggerates with the food. If you go out to dinner with them, they rarely finish their plate. Gnawing due to stress is a possible problem, but it can also be satisfied with healthy foods, such as vegetables, fruits, and seeds.

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You like cooking and it relaxes you if you are a Cancer, you consider it a family tradition and you are very good at the most complicated recipes, which no one can resist. Sweets are your comfort whenever you are overwhelmed by emotions, whether you are happy or sad. To eliminate the enormous amounts of sugar from the menu, replace puddings and homemade cakes with fresh or dried fruit. Give up sauces and fries, otherwise, you will have digestive problems, especially related to the function of the bile.

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You cannot live without meat, you would eat steaks for every meal of the day. It’s not really good, because too much meat can make you sick with gout, kidneys, and colon! Exclude it from the menu at least two days a week and opt for chicken and fish or lean beef as often as possible, with lots of vegetables. Try other protein sources, such as dairy or eggs! Leos are impressed by sophisticated, exotic food with impeccable taste, so if you want to conquer a Leo, take him to have a Chef cook for him.

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Your sluggish metabolism needs a helping hand. And he gets it most of the time, most Virgos are passionate about healthy food. Eat raw vegetables and fruits daily, especially salads, and in the morning on an empty stomach, taste a yogurt or drink a fresh drink, to help digestion! Because your intellectual side dominates you and you sometimes think excessively, provide your brain with the necessary omega-3, from nuts, fish, and avocados.

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You don’t get bogged down by cooking complicated recipes, you are inventive, and you like to play in the kitchen and combine ingredients in new ways. You know how to taste the food, and the way of presentation is impeccable, so the praise is not long in coming. Because aromatic foods attract you, include the healthiest ones in your menu: cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and vanilla. For Libra, dessert is the favorite moment of every meal. They also like alcohol, but it is good not to consume it too often, their mood being quite changeable anyway.

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Passion also dictates the culinary life of Scorpios. For them, everything is related to sensations, so they will always choose foods with a strong impact on their taste buds: chocolate, spices, and citrus fruits. And meat has a place of honor in the diet of these natives. Food without salt and pepper, literally and figuratively, will remain untouched on a Scorpio’s plate. The strong emotions that you live on fire can often push you to the refrigerator, including in the middle of the night. Aromatic and calming teas can be useful!

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Sagittarians are always exposed to the risk of eating and drinking too much, although they have periods when they are so preoccupied with other matters that they completely forget to eat. They like to go out with friends, so pizza, fried potatoes or sandwiches are quite often on their menu and they are not at all healthy, causing digestive problems and hypertension in these natives. The only ones that balance the scale are the frequently used spices and greens.

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If you’re a Capricorn, you probably don’t have problems with your weight, because you’re generally disciplined and eat a balanced diet. Quality is more important than quantity for you and the traditional dishes, cooked by your mother, remain the best in the world all your life. Because you move around a lot, you risk a lack of calcium that can affect your bones and teeth. Eat dairy products, oranges, and brown rice, and go outside more to accumulate vitamin D.

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He doesn’t kill himself with cooking, but when he enters the kitchen, he rarely follows a recipe from head to tail. They like to combine the ingredients in such a strange way, that food comes out of their hands that is hard to imagine and digest. They don’t give up on fast food either, but when they feel the need for detoxification treatment, they follow it without any problems. Because they love vegetables and greens, they can easily become vegetarians. This is very good, because it avoids the risk of diabetes, to which they are prone!

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You are a water sign, so liquids should not be missing from your diet! The healthy ones, of course, such as soups, soups, herbal teas, fruit juices. Don’t overdo it with alcohol, especially when you go to parties, because you’re tempted to lose your drink. Pisces don’t eat out of necessity, but out of pleasure, they love romantic candlelight dinners and carefully chosen arrangements. And among their culinary weaknesses are, of course, fish and seafood dishes.

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