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The Red Flag To Look Out For When Dating Each Zodiac

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The “youngest” of the zodiac, some Aries have not learned how to control their emotions. At their worst, Aries is very quick to anger and slow to calm down. The saying “don’t poke the bear” is made for them. However, every relationship comes with a few pokes. In the beginning, try to watch out for what causes their anger to flare.

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This celestial bull is earthy and grounded. Inside them, a stone mountain guards their heart. They are also extremely stubborn in a way that does not always serve their best interest or their partners. Instead of listening to their partner’s feelings (or even their own), they can remain shut off and shut away.

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Being a star communicator, Gemini usually thrives in social situations. For the most part, this can also be said for their relationships. However, sometimes their talent for talking goes too far. Their love for connecting through communicating can turn toxic. A Gemini has a strong desire to connect verbally to anyone they are talking to, which can lead to spreading gossip. You may also catch a Gemini talking behind your back or disclosing one of your secrets.

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As children of the moon, Cancers have tidal waves of authentic emotion. They learn from an early age how their frequent outpours affect the people around them. This may lead to a manipulative nature. Once they learn to use their emotions to control people’s actions, they may use this same tactic to manipulate their partner.

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A Leo is ruled by the sun, which is the center of our galaxy. Therefore, Leo sometimes thinks they are at the center of everyone’s world. Sometimes, their expectation for attention can be overwhelming. They are also the center of their own universe and can come across as selfish. This can lead to their partner feeling less important and even neglected.

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Virgos are born with a natural inclination toward serving humankind. Sometimes, this helps comes slightly misguided and unwanted. Loving the safe feeling of control, Virgos are extremely critical of themselves. Unfortunately, this sometimes spills out into their relationship. Some Virgos criticize without even realizing it in an attempt to control their environment.

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If you have ever dated a Libra, you have probably noticed how flirtatious they are. In fact, that may be what drew you to them in the first place. Some Libras don’t stop with their flirtatious nature once they are in a committed relationship, which can cause friction. Libra may find their flirtatious ways harmless and claim ignorance over the way it makes their partner feel.

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The mysterious Scorpio is full of secrets. This secretive nature may become extreme. It can lead to secret lives being formed. While not all of a Scorpio’s secrets are harmful, they may lead to their partner feeling left out—or even worse, they may feel that Scorpio is hiding something important and hurtful from them.

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The Sagittarius is a wandering soul. They love to have a partner to go on adventures with. Sometimes, a Sagittarius will prioritize the call of the road rather than a hand to hold while walking it. Basically, the ever-optimistic Sagittarius is a flight risk. Their need for adventure leads them from place to place and sometimes from person to person.

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The Capricorn constellation forms a goat with a mermaid’s tail. This is because they can climb the highest mountain and swim to the deepest part of the sea. Being naturally ambitious and slightly power-hungry, they are very career-focused people. This can lead to Capricorn putting their career goals in front of their partner. Rather than their loved one taking priority, sometimes a Capricorn can focus on whatever will elevate their career.

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The Aquarius is the water bearer. This shows itself in the way they give so much of themselves for the good of those around them. This may lead to them neglecting themselves. This repression can come across as cold. Their efforts in repressing their emotions and needs may sometimes ice their partner out.

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Even good dreams can lead to bad consequences. This dreamy sign may find themselves preferring their dreams over their reality. This tendency also leads to idealizing people to a level that is impossible to live up to. Trying to live up to the fantasy in someone else’s head is a hard situation to be in. Knowing that you never can is worse.

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