Study Says women says “I love you” before men

Why do men say the two magic words earlier than women? One study found that, on average, women say “I love you” 15 days later than their male partners.

An international study found that men confessed their love after an average of 108 days, compared to 123 for women.

Academics found that men were the first to make this move in six of the seven countries they analyzed.

The only exception was France, where both men and women are on an equal footing when it comes to declaring love.

Academics, led by Dr. Christopher Watkins of Abertay University in Dundee, surveyed 1,092 women and 336 men about a current or recent relationship.

Men fall in love faster than women

Respondents were asked which partner was the first, how long it took to do so, and how they were received.

The study found that men are more likely to think they are in love about 70 days after a new relationship, a week before their partner.

Then it took another month for her to have the courage to say “I love you,” and both vendors were just as happy to hear the magic words.

Scientists have suggested that there are subconscious factors at play that depend on the relationship between men and women

In places where there are more men than women, those men lucky enough to have a partner were more likely to say “I love you” for fear that another competitor would not take their place.

However, if an area had more women than men, the declaration of love was also made by men, but in order to accelerate intimacy.

“Escalation of appealing intimacy (through the confession of love) is more likely in environments where men have greater opportunities for mating, and female promiscuity is relatively more common,” said the researchers.

Study Says women says "I love you" before men

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