You fell in love with him irretrievably and everything seems to be going perfectly. However, intuition whispers something else to you…

You fell in love with him irretrievably and everything seems to be going perfectly. However, intuition whispers something else to you…

Sometimes, even if things seem pinker than ever, something inside you feels that something strange might happen. Relationship manipulation is not easy to identify, especially when you are in the ninth heaven and your partner looks like an angel descended to earth, especially for you.

However, there are a number of signs and indications that you may be being manipulated without realizing it. Usually intentional.

Here’s how to identify relationship manipulation: 5 signs that the person you’re in love with is subtly manipulating you

1. Emotional abuse occurs in the relationship

Your partner is never predictable, even after months of the relationship. Even if you feel that you know him very well, his reactions always take you by surprise. Now he is in a good mood, and in ten minutes he becomes extremely impulsive and gets upset with every detail. Today he is calm and fulfilled, and tomorrow he “pours” all his troubles on you.

These unforeseen fluctuations make you always on guard, pay attention to every move you make and every word you say. You become addicted to him and his condition. You are dealing with emotional abuse, a form of abuse as serious as physical abuse.

2. You find yourself apologizing for things you didn’t do

If you find yourself in the above situation, you have probably found yourself, over time, apologizing to your boyfriend even when you did nothing wrong. Did you argue out of nowhere, and he got upset for no reason? I apologize. He blamed you for something, but you thought it wasn’t your fault? You apologize again, on autopilot, no matter what.

3. You are the one who puts all the effort

Relationship manipulation can take many forms. And if you are the one who puts all the effort, it is time to ask questions. If your boyfriend never calls you, just responds to the messages you initiate and you are the one who plans all the meetings, you may be dealing with a manipulator.

4. You feel like you can’t rely on him

Although he is an extremely attractive and pleasant person, when it comes to responsibility, you feel that something is missing. You can’t rely on it when you need it. He is only available when it suits him and is not in any way willing to compromise or help you when you ask for his support.

5. He always wants to be in control

The manipulators will always want to have control over the situation, respectively over the relationship. He always decides when he sees you and under what conditions. He is also the one who determines whether you move to the next level of the relationship or not.

If you identify the above situations, it is possible that manipulation in the relationship may exist. Try to pay more attention to the patterns between you and, if necessary, confront your partner and ask for explanations. Whatever it is, don’t be intimidated!

5 signs that the person you love is subtly manipulating you

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