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What Mistake You Make In Relationships Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


You are constantly doing too much. Every date with you must be perfect.

You try to give your all to the other and make them feel special.

Unfortunately, by doing this you are only creating the opposite effect.

. Instead of making them feel good, you make them feel like they’re not trying hard enough in your relationship.

Relax and stop trying to make everything perfect. Try to go with the flow and see where this relationship takes you.


You should think you’ve learned your lesson so far. Unfortunately, it is not the case.

You keep making the same mistake when it comes to dating and relationships.

You somehow fail to realize that going back to the person who has hurt you over and over again is not a good idea.

Not only will things not improve, but in the end, you will get lost.

Exposing yourself to so much pain, humiliation, and emotional destruction is dangerous to your mental health.

Stop reliving the past, and move on in your life.


For some reason your heart is reserved which makes you different from others.

You are not able to love someone in the classic way, which puts you in a bad position.

Few people manage to figure out who you are and where you really come from.

Due to your nature, you avoid dating anyone altogether.

You’ve built walls because you don’t want to give anyone a chance to harm you.

You hide your feelings and lie to others telling them that you are okay when you are not.


Unlike Gemini who don’t trust anyone and hide true feelings, you are too open about your feelings.

You trust everyone and put your heart on your sleeve, which makes you a perfect target to be taken advantage of.

If you don’t toughen up a bit, you are going to live your life in pain, regret, and heartache.

Even when someone uses you, you give them a second chance, and they can do it again for you.

You trust and love unconditionally even someone doesn’t deserve it.

You have to break this cycle and start thinking about yourself for a change.


Almost as much as Gemini, you are also on your guard. In fact, Gemini are a little worse than you.

They don’t let anyone come near them.

On the other hand, the mistake you make every time in dating is that you push people away the moment you start falling in love with them.

It is nothing but the fear of speaking from the bottom of my heart. You are afraid of being hurt.

For some reason, when things get great and everything is going well in your relationship, you start to shake with fear. You start to imagine that something bad is going to happen and ruin everything.

So you want to get ahead and avoid ending up injured.

Therefore, you push the person you love away from you.


Just as you analyze everything in your life, you analyze relationships as well.

When things aren’t going exactly the way you planned, you want an exit ticket.

You don’t even have a valid reason, but you’re more than smart enough to make one up.

It is completely unhealthy behavior, and much more. This is to avoid any liability.

If you don’t like your relationship, be nice and talk it out.

Making excuses and lying to get out of it will never make a difference in your life.


Your biggest relationship mistake is continuing to give people who don’t deserve it a second chance.

Somehow you always end up looking on the positive side in others despite the fact that some people have been proven to lack that positive side.

Never lose that positivity and goodness that you have in you, but draw a line somewhere.

If someone has repeatedly betrayed your trust, let it go.


Over-thinking is your biggest enemy.

Stop being so dramatic and stop paying attention to the things that are not worth it.

The people who hang out with you are afraid of your analysis and your over-thinking.

You have to realize that you can’t find out everything about someone right away.

The process of gaining trust doesn’t work that way.

It has to be done gradually, and you don’t have time for it.

The end result is that you push people away from you – or worse yet, you scare them off by doing “too much”.


Your biggest relationship mistake is talking too much.

When you first meet someone, it is more than obvious that you are going to be talking about trivial things.

You are not going to talk about world politics or current world problems, after all.

Save these difficult topics until you get to know a little more.

Perhaps then you will no longer be misunderstood as you have been until now.

Stop trying so hard and give yourself the chance to get to know each other naturally, without forcing things.


Whenever you are faced with a relationship problem or a heartache, you get stuck in the job.

Working hard is your ticket out of any problem in your life.

Right now, the biggest problem you face in relationships is exactly this: You work too hard not to even think about wanting to date someone.

Do you realize that you can’t spend the rest of your life alone?

We are not creatures that are created to live on our own and end our lives on our own.

We all need support from time to time, and we need love more than anything.

The sooner you realize this, the less miserable you will be.


It’s like you want to suffer in relationships on purpose.

It is as if you completely ignore the red flags that tell you to get out of there while there is time.

You are drawn to toxic people and apologize for their behavior.

Even though you know you don’t deserve to be treated the way they do, you keep telling yourself and others that you are okay and eventually it will stop.

Toxic people cannot change, and they never will.

The sad thing is, you will find out, but it will be too late.


Like most extra-sensitive and emotional zodiac signs, you can’t say “no”.

You haven’t set your limits properly, so you let people who don’t like you take advantage of you.

You’re always there when someone is in need – even if that person has betrayed you repeatedly, you can’t seem to close your eyes to someone who is in distress.

Too bad you can’t see the trouble this is causing you.

What Mistake You Make In Relationships Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

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