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These Zodiac Duos Are Unlikely Soulmates

You’re probably already familiar with the perfect zodiac pairings. After all, some zodiac couples just make sense. But there are also a few unlikely soulmates that are often overlooked; if you find yourself in one of these relationships, you and your partner might be more astrologically compatible than you think.

Libra & Scorpio

Although Libra and Scorpio’s personalities contrast each other, these two signs can make a surprisingly strong pairing depending on the individuals. Libra and Scorpio are basically a power couple; Libra is socially graceful and strong-willed, while Scorpio is charismatic and easy to like. This makes an unusual but complementary pairing. As all Libras would undoubtedly enjoy, a Scorpio and Libra pairing can be extraordinarily balanced.

The struggle for this pairing comes with their communication. In order for Scorpio and Libra to find success, Scorpio will need to make room for Libra to comfortably address their concerns, while Libra will need to work on standing up for themselves when they need to. Scorpio needs to focus on listening to Libra and making sure they feel on equal footing in their relationship; Libra will need to give Scorpio time to open up to them.

Taurus & Aquarius

Taurus and Aquarius have opposing personalities in some ways, but they may be more able to support each other than most people think. Aquarius is a dedicated innovator, always hard at work, while Taurus prefers creature comforts and can be stubborn in their ways. This leaves room for these two signs to draw the best out of each other; Aquarius can help Taurus step out of their comfort zone and find new passions, while Taurus is a comfortable, stable person for Aquarius to care for.

The biggest clash for this pairing comes with Taurus’s love for tradition and Aquarius’s love of new innovations. In order for this couple to be successful, they’ll need to find a way to compromise on Taurus’s need for routine traditions while also satisfying Aquarius’s drive towards the new and futuristic. Even though both sides of the couple can be relatively stubborn, this is an item that these two signs will likely be able to compromise on.

Gemini & Capricorn

This zodiac pairing is surprisingly similar in many ways. Both Gemini and Capricorn are dedicated to their passions – Gemini loves to stay just as busy as Capricorn does, and they’re both signs who enjoy intellectual conversation. Capricorn’s discipline and Gemini’s love of varied activities means neither sign will mind when the other is busy with work. Capricorn’s relationship strength comes in their penchant for discipline, which will help them with long-term goals, while Gemini is a fast and furious pursuer of what they’re interested in.

The biggest issue for this couple is if they can’t agree on any mutual desires. Gemini often has many things they want, all of which change quickly; Capricorn tends to be more dedicated to a single goal at a time. When these things align, all will be well with this couple. But the two will need to learn to compromise, so that Capricorn can be satisfied with their accomplishments and Gemini will have enough variety to stimulate their curiosity

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