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How to know when he’s jealous (according to his zodiac sign)

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There are some men you will come across who cannot hide their emotions no matter how hard they try.

It might appear like these men are joking, but maybe there is some clue to help you find out what certain feelings mean.

To do this, you can look for answers in astrology and its zodiac sign.

It doesn’t matter if he’s sad, jealous, or angry – whatever it is, how to tell when a man is jealous depends on his zodiac sign.

Jealousy is an emotion that is difficult to deal with because it is usually associated with many other emotions, such as depression or anger.

But no matter how you show your jealousy, your first reaction is likely to be to hide it from your partner.

And when you’re secretly jealous, those other emotions tend to be amplified.


When an Aries man gets jealous, he turns into someone completely different from him.

Sure, he has strong emotions and a not-so-subtle personality, but this is new and scary to both of you.

Aries doesn’t experience jealousy very often, but when they become jealous they have a hard time keeping it under control.

He’s not going to say he’s jealous right away, but you can tell by the way his attitude changes.

Aries will begin to become possessive of you and if you reject his attachment he will become combative and argue with you in an attempt to defend himself.

All in all, Aries instantly gets messy if he’s jealous of what doesn’t look good on him.

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When Taurus isn’t jealous, he’s loving and affectionate (in a good way).

But what makes a Taurus man jealous leads to them trying to keep it to themselves because that’s not the kind of friend they want to be.

The best way to tell whether he’s secretly jealous is to take his regular friend’s traits and increase them by about 20 levels.

Instead of showing the cute kind of attachment one is used to, Taurus becomes arrogant and curious.

Instead of writing good morning texts, you expect him to text you constantly and ask you at any time of the day what you are up to and where you are.

He will also act like he owns you and wants every other man in the room to know.

It might not be that simple, but you might want to check out the signs.

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Gemini has absolutely no problem dealing with minor disputes and disagreements in their relationship.

All he cares about is bringing what bothers you both in public so that you can clear it up behind you.

But when he’s secretly jealous, it throws him completely off track.

He feels like he can’t just say it for fear that what makes him jealous is true.

When a Gemini man is jealous, he tends to reflect your attitude.

As for the talkative twins you’re so used to? He is now completely closed and will hardly speak to you because he does not know what will come out of his mouth.

Obviously this is going to get on your nerves, but if you try to bring it up, he’ll just joke about it and dismiss it.

It’s very hard to get Gemini to admit that he’s secretly jealous.

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Cancer tends to have very strong emotions on a daily basis, but when dealing with secret jealousy, those emotions become even crazier and more difficult to process.

At this stage he is both needy and aloof, which may be confusing enough for you but is an absolute nightmare for him.

If you expect him to tell you he doesn’t care if you don’t want to hang out with him on Friday night, he’ll immediately change his mind and make plans with you.

Cancer will also be incredibly passive-aggressive, which is the biggest sign when they are secretly jealous.

He might be acting over-cautious to try to show you he’s sorry for his behavior, but he will transform into this passive-aggressive monster once the jealousy reappears.

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When a Leo is jealous, he is convincing himself that he is only jealous because he believes there is a real reason for it.

He believes that he is so sure of his feelings that there is no way he can be wrong about his feelings.

When Leo is secretly jealous, you will find that his mood changes from being upbeat and loving to being downright rude.

In addition to being rude and snippy, Leo has a tendency to get overly dramatic.

This means that when the person he’s jealous of appears in a conversation, he mocks and rolls his eyes, crying and accusing you of not loving him and freezing you completely.

He also has a tendency to lie and tell you that he’s just stressed out at work or worried about something else.

Expect to encounter a jealous Leo who acts like he is six years old.

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For the Virgo, jealousy is a confusing and harsh feeling that she no longer wants to deal with in her relationship.

He tries not to worry, but Virgo will take care of everything.

When Virgo is jealous, his immediate response is to hide it.

So even if you weren’t already talking about being secretly jealous, he’d probably still be keeping it a secret.

Look for signs of him moving away or becoming silent, because he will want to withdraw into his thoughts and try to figure it out for himself.

It is not healthy not to let you in so you can find out together, but be patient because he will want to organize before he comes to you.

That, of course, is his reaction to pretty much anything negative he feels.

So expect a Virgo to give you and the relationship a lot less attention and care.

He feels like he has to put his love on hold until he knows what’s going on.

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Libra uses jealousy as a trick to get you closer to themselves.

He believes that if he shows you how much better he is than anyone you might be interested in, then stop doing things that make him jealous.

This sounds confusing, but in his opinion he thinks it’s your fault that he’s jealous.

This is a great sign for Libra because he is usually not that childish, but negative emotions like jealousy make him a child.

Libra will also be much more loving towards you at first. This is to try to get you to show more affection for him (and be less friendly with whoever he is jealous of).

If that doesn’t work out, Libra will start flirting with anyone they meet, including when you are with them.

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It’s no secret that Scorpios have great emotions, and when it comes to a jealous Scorpio they tend to be pretty violent.

Even if you tell him there is no reason for him to be jealous, he will want to find out for himself.

At first he will get angry – don’t expect Scorpio to talk to you about it or to distance himself while realizing his feelings, but expect him to get angry, and quickly.

Until he finds out for himself that his feelings of jealousy are completely wrong, Scorpio will do what all crazy friends do: he becomes paranoid.

He might think that if you don’t, you are texting other guys, and he will likely convince himself that he needs to keep a better eye on you.

It’s crazy behavior, but Scorpio needs to work on how to handle their emotions.

On top of all of this, his anger will make him an even more withdrawn person than he already is.

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One thing a Sagittarius hates is jealousy. He’s the type of person who never lets himself be tied up.

So when he gets jealous, he thinks it’s because he’s feeling too trapped in his relationship.

At first he will deny it. He doesn’t want anything in life to bother him, so it’s hard for him to accept this new emotion.

Once he accepts that he is jealous, he will try to take it easy – that is, cracking jokes, shrugging or pretending to be “crazy.”

Of course, since Sagittarius hates having to deal with new and scary emotions on their own, they’ll freak out a little.

What if she really likes someone else?

These intrusive thoughts are going through his head right now and he can’t stand much of them.

Expect him to get a little emotional until he shakes it off and remembers that there is no need to be jealous.

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If you speak of jealousy to Capricorn, the chances are pretty high that he’ll immediately say something like, “Jealousy is a foolish feeling. I never get jealous. “

But Capricorn is a person like all of us and can’t always make up how he feels in the moment.

And when he inevitably feels jealous, his impenetrable exterior will begin to break.

He’s likely going to grumble and complain a lot, because if he can get jealous, nothing matters anymore.

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Aquarius doesn’t like to be jealous because it goes against everything they stand for: free love and happiness.

When you bring up their jealousy, Aquarius is primarily uncomfortable with jealousy, and chances are they will pretend to have no idea what you’re talking about.

In fact, he’s good at pretending that something doesn’t bother him that you might actually be convinced that he really isn’t jealous.

He has a tendency to rethink things, like it or not, so expect him to be calmer than usual and a little more nervous.

His jealousy usually doesn’t last very long, but it can still weigh on your relationship.

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While it’s true that Pisces can be sensitive and insecure at times, when a Pisces man is jealous, those emotions are amplified.

Suddenly he feels like he is fighting for your affection with someone else, even if that couldn’t be further from the truth.

But with Pisces Man, he convinces himself that his jealousy is due to the fact that he’s just not that good of friends.

He also gets a lot more withdrawn when he’s around you. It’s his way of letting you know that if you’d rather be with someone else, he won’t stop you.

You may find it annoying to deal with this type of Pisces – a sign that always plays the victim – but a little love and affection goes very far with him and proves that you don’t want anyone else.

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How to know when he's jealous (according to his zodiac sign)
How to know when he’s jealous (according to his zodiac sign)

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