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3 Zodiacs Who Will Break Someone’s Heart This May

There are those who get their heart broken and the ones who do the breaking–and some in between who have the unfortunate task of feeling this heartbreak from both directions. Truth is, even when you’re the one ending things, breakups are intensely emotional and heartbreaking events. No one comes out unscathed, even if it doesn’t always seem that way. Unfortunately this May, there are three zodiac signs who are more likely than most to be breaking someone’s heart. While it’s not a guarantee that they’ll hurt you, the odds are still high that you might end up heartbroken by the end of May if you’re dating one of these signs.


While Aries may be fierce when defending someone they love, that fierceness quickly shuts off when they no longer have feelings for you. Even when they’re trying hard to break things off gently, they seem to still end up fracturing their ex’s heart into a million little pieces. And because they’re like Teflon, they’re usually the least heartbroken regardless of who’s ending the relationship. This May is especially tricky because cuffing season is officially over and this zodiac sign may be ready to have a spring fling who definitely isn’t you. Proceed with caution if you want things to work out with your Aries lover.


Did you notice that Gemini is also on the list of zodiac signs who should go on a dating detox this month? If you know one of these flirty signs, it might not come as much of a surprise to hear that. After all, they often do dating all wrong, breaking hearts wherever they go purely because they quickly lost interest for the smallest reasons. Of course, going on a dating detox means breaking the hearts of whoever they’re talking to in May, and that might be you. While they may come out of the month better off, that doesn’t mean you won’t get hurt in the process.


The thing with Capricorns is that hurting people is the last thing they ever want to do. They’d prefer to do everything in their power to keep the people in their lives happy. That doesn’t mean they don’t break hearts, though. When they do, it’s because they’ve come to the conclusion that both of you would be “better off” if the relationship ended. That kind of unilateral decision is a classic Capricorn move that could be coming your way if you’re attached to this sign in May. Keep your eye out for the telltale signs that they’re losing interest

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