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What you are most addicted to: according to your astrological sign

Have you noticed that you tend to adopt certain habits more than others? Like reading, smoking, or drinking too much coffee? No matter how much we want to keep our life balanced, addictions often get the better of us. People have a variety of addictions, often related to their astrological sign.

These addictions often stem from our astrological sign as follows:

Aries: Coffee / Tea

As some of the most active individuals, Aries tend to be coffee “addicts”. They need the best to stay active and busy 24/7. Expect Aries to empty plenty of cups of coffee, at home or in the office!

It keeps them alive. As soon as laziness takes hold of an Aries, they will head to the kitchen to prepare a cup of coffee or tea.

Taurus: Food

Taureans are great lovers of good flesh, they have an elephant’s appetite. They know perfectly well how to enjoy a good table; whether alone or accompanied. If you have, for example, a date with a person and that person seems more interested in the food than in your conversation, he or she is probably Taurus!

Their relationship to food is related to their feelings, moods and more. A Taurus will be eating, whether it’s to celebrate a special occasion or to drown out the grief of a breakup.

Gemini: Cigarettes

Geminis enjoy a cigarette during breaks at the office. They will tend to move away to light one. For example, your coworker who never misses a cigarette break always looking forward to this moment is probably Gemini.

They often see smoking as a way to break the ice because they enjoy talking about their efforts to quit! After all, while Geminis love to talk and meet people, they also love to enjoy a little time of their own, interspersed with a cigarette or two.

Cancer: Painkillers

Being a water sign and therefore feeling the things and feelings around them intensely, Cancerians are extremely sensitive. Therefore, they are always looking for something to lessen the pain caused by those dull screams. Whether it’s a shoulder to lean on or a homeopathic medicine, you may have noticed that Cancerians always have painkillers with them.

Leo: Shopping

Leo people are known for their oversized egos; they like to indulge themselves. We mainly think of entertaining outings, shopping for pretty things and so on. Because Leo people have a small tendency towards narcissism, they enjoy owning things that make them look “better” than others.

As a result, and if no one intervenes, the Lions will go too far and spend every penny on shopping. Since they like to pamper themselves and have fun, shopping is their main addiction.

Virgo: toxic relationships

And yet, they forget that a feeling is not always mutual. Even when things go from bad to worse, Virgos hold on and don’t let go. They would let their partner hurt them without reacting. Which is to say that they would rather stay with you and let you hurt them rather than say goodbye and move on.

Libra: Social Networks

Since Libras are the most sociable in the world, social media is their biggest addiction. They are the ones you will see the most often change their profile picture, tap their phone, and worry about the number of likes they get. They are unable to do without the internet. In a way, he’s their best friend. What’s more, keeping up to date is very important to them.

Scorpio: “Intimate Relations”

Scorpios are famous for their liveliness and fiery spirit. The same is true of their intimate relationships. No one can compete with their dexterity!  To be so invested in intimate relationships, this addiction can sometimes become a real vice.

Sagittarius: The Adventure

Sagittarius are known for their taste for adventure. They are known for their desire to travel. You’ll always find a Sagittarius, armed with a list of all the places they want to visit and the things they want to see before they die. They’re always up for last minute projects or a road trip.

Capricorn: Work

Work is the most important thing for a Capricorn. They hate wasting their time on trivial things. So, working hard and achieving their goals is what matters most to them. They are naturally hard workers. In their eyes, work defines their personality and their entire existence. They very easily become addicted to work, forgetting themselves as well as others and the world around them.

Aquarius: Video games / Books

Aquarians go through life with lightness and delicacy, they love to get lost in their dreams. Therefore, expect them to drown in a video game or a book, until they forget who they are and assume an alternate identity. You may think that reading is not a vice, but overdoing it is always dangerous. It’s hard to bring Aquarians back to reality, once they’re immersed in their fantasies.

Pisces: Romance

Having an extremely sensitive heart and can be easily bruised, Pisces are addicted to romance. They are very sensitive and will do anything and everything to have their feelings recognized and heard.

What you are most addicted to: according to your astrological sign

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