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5 Zodiacs That Value Your Personality


Marching to the beat of their drum, Aquarius is the sign that prefers brains over beauty any day. When finding the right one, they tend to hold personality and character on a high pedestal. They understand that there is always more than meets the eye. They want to see if you’re more than just a pretty face. They’re looking for someone who isn’t only fun to be with but who can mentally stimulate them regularly.


Pisces doesn’t care how much you weigh or the type of clothes you wear. If these water signs have fallen for you, sweats and a bun will do just fine. A classic water sign, they focus more on your emotional connection than any physical one. They want to know everything about you, from where you grew up to who you call your best friends. They’re the type to end a relationship if it lacks emotional depth, so I’m pretty sure they couldn’t care less about which brand of makeup you wear.


Like Pisces, Cancer cares more about your ability to connect with them emotionally than physically. Die-hard romantics, these crabs usually know what it takes to find their one true love. And it isn’t if they keep up with the latest trends or look like a supermodel. They want someone who has depth and is not shallow. They know that looks alone aren’t the way to long-lasting love.


Usually the odd one out of the fire signs, Sagittarius doesn’t mind dating someone bigger or outside their background. At times, they might even look for it. They value experience over anything, so they’re the least to judge because they have an explorer mindset. When it comes to finding love, they don’t see physical appearance as a priority. These fire signs look for the spunkiest personality out of the bunch, not who’s the slimmest.


Though Scorpio values emotional and physical in a budding romance, the need for an emotional connection eventually outweighs any physical one. These signs want to know your whole back story instead of what they see in front of them. They’re the type to go all in, so they don’t care to know if you constantly go to the gym or salon. They want someone who can be their support system and form a bond with them that’s so strong that nothing can break it. And they couldn’t do that if they were ever shallow

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