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3 Zodiacs With Super High Standards In Friendships


Cancer, associated with the fourth house of home and family, deeply values their friendships. This selfless zodiac would put themselves out if it meant it helped someone they cared about. Cancer is overly generous with their love, time, and money. They’re extremely loyal to those that they love—the true definition of a ride-or-die friend. Cancer is the kind of friend that feels like home to you—the kind that brings you endless comfort. They’re warm and nurturing, opening their heart and homes to those who need it.

This tender-hearted creature expects the same kind of devotion in return. They may be sensitive, but they’re not the sentimental fool that they’re made out to be. This water sign requires emotional security in any kind of relationship. Cancer has high standards for their friendships because they center their whole world around their loved ones. Cancer needs friends who go as above and beyond as they do, to feel safe with them. They’ve had their fair share of insincere people come into their lives and hurt them, so they require a bit more to be able to trust. If a Cancer has opened up to you, they consider you a part of their inner circle. That’s truly a huge deal to them. This sign doesn’t like to waste their time with mere acquaintances. To prove Cancer wrong about you is to lose the best friend you could ever have.


Scorpio and high standards go hand in hand. This passionate sign intensely cares about their friends. When they connect with someone, they form deep, emotional, and transformative bonds. There’s no in-between with Scorpio. They live their lives by extremes. To them, you’re either friends for life or mere acquaintances. Like their fellow water sign Cancer, Scorpio is selfless, loyal, devoted, and generous in friendship. Scorpios are powerful allies to have as friends. Their love knows no limits. They will keep your secrets, encourage you to pursue your dreams, be there to help guide you through the dark aspects of life, and enact revenge on anyone who hurts you.

For this friendship to even exist, Scorpio needs proof of your commitment. They need to know that you’re equally invested in the friendship. This sign rarely lets their guard down. When they do, it’s because they trust that someone will be in their life forever. They don’t take opening up to others lightly. They need honesty, transparency, dedication, and loyalty from their friends. They need to know that you won’t hurt them—that they’re placing their heart in the right hands. Scorpio doesn’t do superficial relationships of any kind. If they’re going to love you as a friend, they want to know that you’re going to love them back the same. Scorpios have high expectations from their friends because they need to feel safe before giving any part of themselves away. Every time Scorpio loves someone—romantically or platonically—they give away a piece of their heart.


Capricorn takes their friendships extremely seriously, and like everything else in life, views them as another responsibility to uphold. Their reliable nature makes them one of the best friends to have of the zodiac. This earth sign is a grounding presence in the life of anyone they care about. As a friend, they offer the wisest advice and try to guide you down the right path with their practical outlook on life. Capricorn is the type of friend who tries to make your life easier. Not only do they offer their emotional support, but they also offer solutions. When your life is falling apart, Capricorn steps in to help you take the wheel. They want nothing more than to see their friends happy and successful.

That said, Capricorns also treats their friendships as an investment. They expect the same kind of dedication. To them, frivolous relationships and shallow acquaintances are pointless. Capricorns want people in their lives who are going to inspire them to become better versions of themselves. They want friends who are family. Capricorns give a lot to their friends, and they also expect a lot in return. This means clear communication, honesty, commitment, and loyalty. Capricorn also expects their friends to work hard, not just as far as their friendship is concerned, but in their own personal and professional lives. Capricorn wants to call people they can be proud of friends

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