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Don’t Cross These 4 Zodiacs — They Set Boundaries


No one should be surprised to see Aries on this list. After all, this sign is confident, a great leader, and never backs down from a challenge. They’d probably laugh at anybody who tried to overstep their boundaries (although let’s face it, most people won’t even bother trying).

Aries knows themselves well and has a good understanding of what they’ll put up with. They’re also good with other people, so they see through manipulation tactics easily—they always like to be one step ahead of the game, and that means understanding exactly what everyone is up to and why.

Even when they don’t already have a specific set of boundaries in place for themselves, they’re good at knowing exactly what they need at the moment. They’re not the kind of sign to let things go or wait to address them until later. If something bothers them or if you overstep, they’ll be sure to let you know…and make sure it doesn’t happen again.


The sign of the stubborn bull isn’t about to let anybody get past their boundaries unscathed. Taurus can get angry quickly—even if they seem like the sweetest, most docile person in the world—and they won’t hesitate to defend their territory as soon as you cross a line.

Because Taurus loves routine and is a grounded sign, they know themselves well and have very clear boundaries for themselves on what they’re comfortable with. Taurus’s comfort zone can vary, but they’ll make it clear when they feel their boundaries have been violated.

If you’re lucky, Taurus will act calmly the first time you cross a line. But they hate being played with, so if anyone tries them twice, well, they’re waving a bright red piece of cloth and asking to be charged


Leo is an outspoken and generous sign. They have a large social circle and love being the center of attention. They’re usually self-expressive and tend to be more extroverted. This makes it easier for them to speak up for themselves in a social setting—they’re used to being in large groups, after all.

Because Leo is so charming and well-liked, they’re not afraid of setting boundaries because they know it won’t make them come across as being disagreeable. Anyone who tries to cross Leo in public will probably walk away feeling embarrassed and thoroughly shamed.

Leo has plenty of experience setting boundaries, and because they’re a creative and expressive soul, they know themselves and their limits well. They’re bold and often direct, and don’t mind telling someone off if it means they can defend a boundary they’ve set for themselves. You’d be hard-pressed to find a Leo who won’t speak up for themselves whenever they feel they need to.


Aquarius doesn’t care about social norms, so they won’t feel the need to bother with being polite when they think someone has overstepped. They’re direct and say exactly what’s on their mind—to the point of being blunt—and don’t care whether or not it comes across nicely

To Aquarius, if you’re not going to respect them, you’re not worth their time. They don’t mind losing friends or acquaintances if it means being able to keep a firm boundary they’ve set for themselves.

Aquarius’s loyalty extends to themselves and their values. They’re a passionate sign that stands up for what they believe in—and if you thought that didn’t extend to their boundaries, you thought wrong. Aquarius will halt anybody who so much as toes the line, and they won’t care how strict or firm they have to be when it comes to protecting their space

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