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4 Zodiacs Who Never Play Mind Games

Some zodiacs enjoy getting chased. They play hard to get because it’s fun—or because they were fooled into thinking they have to act indifferent to make someone else like them. But don’t worry, because there are signs who don’t have time for this kind of game. They would rather keep things honest from the start than begin the relationship with lies. Here are some zodiacs who aren’t going to play games with your heart:


Capricorns are guided by logic. They aren’t going to let their heart lead them in the wrong direction because they’ll listen to their heads instead. This means they won’t waste time playing games with you. You can trust that whatever they say to you, they mean. This sign isn’t the type to lie to impress others or make themselves look better. They are going to keep it real with you from the start. If you’re sick of the mind games and mixed signals, chasing a Capricorn is the way to go because they are going to be straightforward with you. They’ll tell you the truth, even when it sucks.


Virgos would rather sit you down and hash out a misunderstanding like two mature adults than leave unanswered questions up in the air. With them, there’s a slim chance you’ll be dealing with mixed signals because they want to get the truth out in the open. They want to make sure that you’re on the same page because they understand how quickly misunderstandings can snowball into breakups. This sign isn’t going to make you guess what’s on their mind because they are comfortable expressing their feelings. They are mature enough to ask questions and state expectations so that there’s zero confusion.


If an Aquarius isn’t answering your text messages, it’s not because they’re playing hard to get or trying to make you jealous. It’s because they’re busy. With this sign, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. Since they’re so busy, they aren’t going to have time to play games. They’ll only entertain a relationship if they’re one thousand percent sure it’s what they want. This sign won’t string you along with hopes of a relationship. If they aren’t ready to date right now, they will say it. And if they want to be with you, they’ll say that too. All you have to do is ask and you’ll get a straight answer because they aren’t the type to beat around the bush.


Taurus doesn’t have the patience to play mind games. Even though they might not come out and say that they have feelings for you, it will be pretty obvious by the way they treat you. This sign isn’t going to pretend that they can’t stand your guts if they want to build a partnership with you. They won’t leave you on read or cancel plans without an explanation. They won’t mess with your emotions because they would never want you to do the same to them. Taurus will treat your heart gently, so you don’t have to worry about them playing mind games

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