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What Every Sign Needs To Hear On Their Birthday


Never let go of your fiery spirit. You are (and always will be) the greatest force of nature. 

Aries is known for a lot of things—their adventurousness, their boldness, their determination. Few can hold a candle to these colorful and passionate people, but even with all their innate confidence, they need to be reminded about just how brightly they can shine. For their birthday, be sure to celebrate all their greatness that sometimes gets treated like it’s “too much,” because it is all of that big and lively energy that makes us love them. Your Aries is strong enough to take on everything, but they need to know they are loved and supported along the way.


You are my rock and my anchor. Thank you for being the person who can always bring a sense of calm to my world. 

Tauruses are many things, but to their loved ones, they will always be consistent, dedicated, and compassionate. They will be the person who will show up for you when no one else will and will put all their energy into helping you solve a problem. They may not always be the most outwardly sentimental people, but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel love strongly and show it through their actions. The best gift you could give them is letting them know that you understand the love that they show you—and that you love them for it in return.


The world is so much more colorful with you in it. 

Geminis are vibrant, often misunderstood, creatures. Their imagination and brain processes are truly something magnificent to behold, but others can misread this as weirdness, awkwardness, or “too much.” Because of this, though, they often give off an air of indifference, because they can get in their head about how they’re perceived by the world. They want to know that their lively personality is appreciated and that it can change the lives of people around them for the better. Nothing is better than a sincere message about how their energy makes your life better.


Never let the world harden the softness of your soul. We are all better for having you in our lives.

Cancer is one of the most sensitive signs in the zodiac. They care a lot about everyone and everything, but sometimes caring so much does come back to bite them in the end. They’ve been burned time and time again, and this hurt has likely caused them to hide in their shell now and then. But there’s something so beautiful about the gift of letting someone know that you appreciate the softest parts of them, especially if they see them as a curse that’s destined to leave their soul stinging. Remind them of how they have changed your life for the better because nothing warms a Cancer’s heart like knowing they may have helped you in even the smallest ways.


You are the brightest being in every room. Thank you for sharing your light with me. 

People like to talk about how Leos crave the spotlight, but they don’t usually give them the credit they deserve. A lot of the time, they are in the spotlight. They’re full of an innate brightness that’s infectious, and when they love you enough to offer you some of that warmth—which they tend to give away generously—it’s truly a blessing. They’re so used to being told they need to be the center of attention that they’ll appreciate being reminded that it’s not that they seek that validation, it’s simply who they are, and that you love them for exactly that


You deserve every beautiful thing that comes your way, even if you don’t think you do.

Here’s the thing about Virgos: They cannot ever seem to accept that they’re good enough unless they consider themselves the absolute best. Their perfectionism is oftentimes more exhausting to themselves than to anyone else, but at times, it points to something deeper within them: a lack of self-confidence, self-worth, or self-love. They often feel the need to prove to themselves that they’re good enough. And sometimes, what they need most is a gentle reminder that they are enough and that they deserve good things exactly as they are.


The world is a better place because of people like you who care enough to make it beautiful. 

Libras are a sign of justice, of balance, of harmony. They can envision the world at its most ideal and have the hopefulness to try to put that vision into action. They appreciate beauty on all levels and want nothing more than to share it with others and to have it surround them at every corner. But the truth is, sometimes caring so much can take a toll; sometimes, they feel like they’re working so hard and seeing so little reward. One of the best gifts you can give them is letting them know that you see what they’re doing, that their efforts matter, and that the beauty they’re trying to bring into the world is already taking root.


I see you.

It seems a little too simple, doesn’t it? But to a Scorpio, this phrase echoes another three words: I love you. They’re one of the most misunderstood signs in the zodiac, and while they do sometimes appreciate the shroud of mystery they keep around them—after all, amongst strangers, they might prefer to remain unknown—it means the world to them when those that matter most see them for who they are: passionate, ambitious, witty, and incredibly loyal.  Let your Scorpio know that you not only value them for who they are but that you’re grateful to be one of the people they allow to see the full picture.


You are the joy in everything.

Sagittarians are full of that certain joie de vivre that’s contagious. They treat life as an adventure, and when they allow you to take part in their journey, it’s impossible not to see the world in the same way. They make life interesting and fun—both novelties as you grow older—but sometimes, they get so used to who they are that they forget what an amazing, beautiful thing that is. Each year, use their birthday as a reminder to tell them just how wonderful their specific adventure is.


I hope you continue to embrace who you are every step of the way. 

Capricorns can be rather hard on themselves, and though they may act like they don’t care what other people think, their public image is often very important to them. They’re afraid of coming off the wrong way, and because of that, they’ll sometimes suppress certain parts of their personalities or minimize their interests. But this year, remind your Capricorn that it’s who they are that makes you love them. And may that be an encouragement to them to live authentically, no matter what it looks like to others.


You make every single day a new adventure.

Aquarians often have a special mix of traits—they’re a little rebellious, and a little weird, but also very funny, very innovative, and very creative. They bring the best new ideas into the world and can make every mundane moment extraordinary. It’s not even something they may be consciously doing—it’s just who they are innately. While they usually aren’t the touchy-feely type, they still appreciate knowing that they’re important to someone—even irreplaceable—so what better time to let them know how they’ve changed your life than on their birthday? There’s no such thing as a boring day with an Aquarius, and they deserve to know how interesting the world becomes when you’re with them.


I am so lucky to exist in this moment with you.

Pisces are one of the most sentimental zodiac signs. They aren’t afraid of anyone’s emotions, not even their own. They are some of the most kind, compassionate people out there, and because of that, they often leave a mark on the people they come into contact with. They also love looking at life through a larger lens, and there’s nothing more romantic to them than the thought that fate put you in their life for a reason—because out of every place they could be, they are here with you. Let them know that it matters to you and that you feel just as lucky as they do.

Remember, no matter which zodiac sign you’re celebrating, the most important thing is to let them know how much they mean to you and how special they are on their birthday. Take the time to write a heartfelt message that truly captures their essence and makes them feel loved and appreciated

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