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4 Zodiacs Who Are Looking For Answers This Month


Libra keeps asking themselves, “Why didn’t it work?” Replaying every conversation and interaction, rereading every text message, every post, creeping in every nook and cranny available through a search engine, down to exes’ Spotify playlists for clues. Libra wants a finite answer. Something that is neat and makes sense of these open-ended feelings that are very much still in progress. They want to know how it can be over if nothing about this feels over. They’ll mope and disconnect, retreating into themselves for an answer that they will never produce on their own through reasoning, because it’s not about them. They could ask the person directly, but odds are they chose silence from the get-go for a reason. Even if they have it all spelled out for them, it’s unlikely that would change things for Libra.


Leo wants to know how they can shake things up. Life has been feeling pretty stale lately, and they feel like everything needs a complete makeover, from their wardrobe to their workout routine, to their hobbies. Leo is tempted to pull a Sagittarius and hop on a plane with no plans or itinerary and just lose themselves in a foreign land. But on a deeper level, what they are searching for is happiness: “What is going to make me excited to get out of bed each day?” The answer is different for everyone, so there’s not going to be one TikTok, one influencer, one celebrity, or podcast host who can answer that question for them. It’s going to take trial and error and effort on their part. The bravery to try new thing after new thing until something finally, clicks.


Cancer has had everything turned upside down this month, and they’re still stunned in the aftershock, asking themselves, “Holy cow, what just happened?” The elusive answer, which will take them plenty of time and perseverating to arrive at, is that they’ve fallen in love. It’s hard for Cancer to recognize or come to terms with this truth because it came on so suddenly. In their minds, love is something that happens gradually over time, something you feel after you’ve been with someone for years, or when you’re standing at an alter, or sitting on a front porch in a rocking chair in your eighties, not something that happens almost at first sight, or after a few dates or even encounters technically aren’t dates. Try as they might to force this feeling into another more palatable category, they will fail until they come to terms with the truth.


Capricorn has climbed their way up the ladder, high enough to start asking themselves, “When is it ‘enough’?” Enough money, enough success, enough recognition, enough sacrifice in the name of achieving, well, enough. And it’s hard for them to know because they’ve never contemplated stopping before this moment. All they’ve ever known is to keep going, putting one foot in front of the other, grabbing one rung and then the next on autopilot, aimlessly propelling themselves forward without much thought to the progress or the process or anything along the way. It’s like speeding down a highway so fast that the view out the window becomes a blur. Capricorn has to figure out if where they are headed is worth missing out on all that scenery. Is worth missing out on the journey

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