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2 Zodiac Signs Who Have The Strongest Intuition About Lying

You’ve been warned: No lie will ever get past these two zodiac signs.

1. Scorpio

Scorpio’s strong connection to their intuition coupled with their observant ways means that any B.S. will come across as exactly that to this water sign. Scorpio is always three steps ahead and will notice another person’s dishonesty immediately. If Scorpio is skeptical about something or someone, trust their judgment. They’re 100 percent correct.

2. Virgo

Analytical Virgo is incredibly intelligent and has a strong attention to detail. So, if something isn’t adding up in Virgo’s mind regarding someone’s story, that’s because something is being left out or intentionally being skewed. Virgo will see through this facade faster than the liar will even be able to realize they’ve been caught. Virgo is quick to call out the B.S. and find the truth

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