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5 Zodiac Signs Who Hate Being Told What To Do

Let’s face it: nobody loves being bossed around or forced to do something unpleasant, no matter which zodiac sign they belong to. But some star signs are more open to guidance and advice than others. Here are the five zodiac signs that reject orders and why they hate being told what to do.


As the very first sign of the zodiac, Aries people tend to put themselves first in everything they do. They enjoy their freedom and are highly independent. This zodiac sign is also notoriously bossy – they have quick minds and solve problems easily, and their aggressive demeanor sometimes makes them bark orders at others.

Aries people can’t stand feeling stifled or controlled. Like a child being confined to a small space, they get upset if they don’t have the liberty to do as they please. They perform best at jobs where they are in charge or have the autonomy to dictate their schedule and prioritize tasks as they see fit. The more you tell an Aries what to do, the further they will pull away from you. Their resentment may build until they explode – and nobody wants to deal with this fire sign when they get overheated.


Scorpio is a fixed sign, and fixed signs are known for being stubborn and unmoving. Once a Scorpio has made up their mind about something, there is no changing it. You can tell them what to do as much as you want, but if it goes against this star sign’s opinion, they will not budge.

Scorpios are not aggressive or obvious about their unwillingness to be controlled. They prefer to move in stealth, privately making plans to get out of whatever unsavory task has been assigned to them. They will slip through your fingers like water, sneakily avoiding orders. Scorpios are also highly persuasive and manipulative, so they can easily get someone else to do the job for them. Regardless of how they handle the situation, you’ll never know that Scorpio was secretly the one in charge all along. They don’t need you to know that they refuse to do your bidding – in fact, they’d prefer to keep you in the dark.


Sagittarius is symbolized by the archer, a creature that is half-horse and half-man, wielding a bow with an arrow pointing to the sky. Like wild horses, Sagittarians cannot and should not be contained. They cherish their freedom, and although they work well with others, they love being independent.

Sagittarians start to rebel when they feel restricted or confined. When you tell them what to do, it makes them feel suffocated and misunderstood. They become defiant, not because they want to be the ones in charge, but because they feel genuinely hurt by being dominated. It’s best to give Sagittarians some general guidance or options, and then allow them to make decisions or finish the job on their own without supervision. Too many rules and detailed instructions will make a Sagittarius flee.


Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of authority and structure. Thanks to Saturn’s influence, Capricorn is known as the “father of the zodiac.” While Capricorns appreciate rules, they want to be the ones making them. They balk at orders they disagree with or that don’t make logical sense to them.

Capricorns are also highly ambitious – they want to be the boss, not the ones taking directions. They will serve in subordinate positions, as long as they know it will eventually get them where they truly want to be – on top. A happy Capricorn is one with power and control. They will not stay in a role where they have to take orders for very long; they are far too calculating and eager to climb the ladder.


Aquarius is guided by Uranus, the planet of innovation and rebellion. Because of Uranus, Aquarians treasure their freedom perhaps more than any other zodiac sign. They are also stubborn and contrary – the more you try to tell an Aquarius what to do, the more they will want to do the exact opposite. The best way to give this star sign advice is to use reverse psychology – suggest they do the very thing you don’t want them to do or vice versa.

Aquarius people have unique and eccentric ways of operating. They have great imaginations and are wise beyond their years. But sometimes, they think so far into the future that they forget what’s right in front of them. They create improved systems in their heads instead of doing the task they were left with

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