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4 Zodiacs About To Start A New Life Chapter In June


Your new life chapter is about coming full circle with something or hitting a major milestone, Sagittarius. That first-year mark after a move to a new city, crossing the threshold of your longest relationship, or acquiring a new level of proficiency in a language or skill. It’s about standing in the same place you were before and realizing everything that has changed since then. All the ways you have changed and grown, all of the things that have become familiar and cherished and loved over time, all the work that completely transformed your reality so gradually you hardly had time to notice it. But now that you have recognized it for what it is, you can move forward with pride and confidence. Whatever lies ahead of you now will be all the less daunting because of these grand accomplishments you’ve already conquered.


Your moment in the spotlight is arriving, Virgo. You’ve been giving out your two cents to anyone who will listen for the longest time, without realizing a crowd has started to accumulate. Something about your personality, and your mode of delivery resonates with others, and you have captured their attention. Whether or not you ever intended to influence a sphere of people is a moot point, because that’s exactly what you’ve done. Now the question becomes what you will do with this platform. Will you build a career around this pontificating? Will you rally support for a cause? Will you completely freak out and retreat into obscurity and solitude? No doubt you will ponder every option before arriving at the answer that is right for you and your life, but at least for a moment, you can revel in the appreciation that is coming your way.


You’re being courted by someone or something that could change your life in a big way, Scorpio. And while there is nothing you love more than being sought and singled out from a crowd, you’re still trying to figure out if what’s being offered to you is really what you want for your life. Do you see yourself following this path that someone has laid out a red carpet for you? Your stubborn nature questions good things that are offered to you instead of being withheld. You like a challenge, and when someone presents a target to you instead of you setting eyes on it first, you can reject it on principle instead of worth. Sometimes things fall together. Sometimes we are handed exactly what we need at exactly the right time. You just need to be thorough in your evaluation to figure it out on your own.


In this new life chapter a friend or loved one opens up to you on a whole new level you’ve never seen before. It may be a little unsettling at first, discovering that there is so much you didn’t know or realize about someone you thought you were so close to. It’s a reminder that we all have an inner life full of thoughts and emotions that no one can perceive unless we decide to communicate and share. A reminder to not be afraid to ask questions and check in more often, even when people appear to be fine. It challenges you to be more forthcoming with the people around you about how you feel, and less afraid to ask for help, because the act of helping this person brings new meaning to your life, and gives a deeper more fulfilling purpose where you had previously been going through the motions

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