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4 Zodiac Couples Who Were Born To Love Each Other


Aries can pick up what Virgo puts down, and even though at first it may rub them the wrong way, there is something about this combination that eventually just clicks. Because these two can speak the same language – tough love, competitive quips, bravado for days – they can also see through each other’s masks. They can heal the childhood hurt that leads each person to feel they need to do everything for themselves alone. The reflex to always keep their figurative hands in front of their face, like a boxer who protects themselves before a punch is even telegraphed. These two can hold each other close, even when they push each other away because they recognize each other’s coping mechanisms. And in this way they also have the patience to learn and grow together, to uncover a better, easier, healthier way of moving through the world, with the other by their side.


Scorpio is the last person who is trying to settle down, which is why Sagittarius doesn’t feel threatened or pressured by them in a world where everyone else is struggling to keep up with their lust for life and adventure. Scorpio doesn’t need to share all of Sagittarius’ interests to find them interesting or show their interest in them as a person, and the attention is intoxicating. Sagittarius is generous and genuine in their reciprocation, and soon enough these two are thick as thieves, spilling every secret they’ve ever kept hidden inside themselves, and after all of that mystery and intrigue has subsided, after the interrogations have produced enough material to write a biography, two vulnerable adults are left facing each other with a love that means everything because it is as transparent and trustworthy as it is complete.


Capricorn lives to work, and Taurus works to live (opulently that is), and so these two don’t initially gravitate towards each other in love. Rather, someone who knows them both well plays the matchmaker, bringing together two people who don’t understand why they were set up because they can’t see that their strengths are in every way also their flaws. Capricorn is the lord of a castle they can’t even enjoy, and Taurus is too busy chasing after the next thing that they can’t appreciate what’s right in front of them. But when they finally let chemistry start to do its thing, there is no stronger, happier, or more satisfied couple than this pair. They add a filter to each other’s lives that allows them to fully interpret life, like a stoplight that finally has a distinct red and green where before there was only yellow.


Gemini lives their life feeling constantly torn between two poles, and Libra lives in that middle ground that can only be described as “under-seasoned”. They drive each other absolutely bonkers at first because neither can deal with being taken outside of their comfort zone, but once they get through the initial shock of learning there is more than one way to exist in the world their eyes are forever opened. Gemini finds in Libra the balance of allowing two seemingly conflicting things to be possible at once like being sad and happy at the same time, allowing for nuance. Meanwhile, Libra is liberated by contact with all of Gemini’s extremes. Big emotions with big flavor like the spiciest heat down to the sugariest sweet. Having access to a wider range allows Libra to embrace their full potential, instead of playing in the safe zone, which is in essence, what love is all about

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