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4 Signs That Mask Their True Feelings

Some zodiac signs are more emotional than others, but some are just better at hiding how they feel. You would never suspect the depth of these four zodiac signs because they are great at covering their emotions. They hide their feelings for different reasons, based on their astrological personality profile. Here’s which signs have strong emotions and why it’s so hard to tell what they are feeling.

Aquarius Cares About Others but Is Fiercely Independent

One of the most distinctive Aquarius traits is their humanitarianism. Aquarians care deeply about society and other people, and they are put on this earth to help make it a better place. Although they are passionate about charitable causes and taking care of the planet, it’s often tough to tell how they feel about anything.

That’s because Aquarius is a very logical sign. Aquarians struggle with their emotions and self-expression. It’s hard for others to know how Aquarians are feeling because they sometimes don’t recognize it themselves. Even if they are self-aware enough to know how they feel, it’s still difficult for them to communicate their emotions effectively.

Another reason why Aquarians come off so aloof and uncaring is because they are fiercely independent. They value their freedom over relationships, so they avoid bonds that threaten their sense of individuality. When they get too close to someone, they tend to pull away because they don’t want to become dependent on anyone.

This can make Aquarius people’s behavior in relationships seem hurtful and confusing because as soon as they start to fall for someone, they may push them away. Aquarians will only let their guard down with someone who gives them lots of space and listens to them patiently and nonjudgmentally when they finally try to open up.

Scorpio Is Emotionally Turbulent Beneath a Calm Surface

Every zodiac sign belongs to a natural element: water, fire, earth, or air. Scorpio is a water sign, and water signs tend to be very emotional, moody, and sensitive.

This water sign is the perfect example of still waters running deep. Scorpios may view vulnerability as a sign of weakness, so they make an effort to always appear cool, calm, and collected. But inside, it’s a different story.

Scorpios always have profound and intense emotions swirling beneath the surface, they just do their best to hide them. Scorpios love being in control, so they fight to keep their emotions in check, at least visibly. Although you might not be able to tell from their expressions, there is always a lot going on behind the stoic mask of a Scorpio. They will accept nothing less than unconditional devotion from their loved ones, but once you have won a Scorpio over, they will stick with you for life.

Capricorn Hides From Their Own Emotions

Capricorns have the reputation of being uncaring, but they feel very deeply. Their feelings are arguably as intense as some of the most emotional signs of the zodiac; they just struggle to express themselves

This is largely because Capricorns are so self-critical. They are problem-solvers and highly analytical, so they see the flaws in anything, especially themselves. They are always trying to help and fix things, but their efforts may come across as hurtful and judgmental. But Capricorns reserve their harshest judgments for themselves.

Capricorns also struggle to express their feelings in relationships because, despite their strong and stoic outward appearance, they are deeply insecure. They are terrified of rejection so they don’t make themselves vulnerable to others. Even if they want to express their true feelings, it doesn’t come naturally to them.

Capricorns are also masters of self-control. They can compartmentalize their emotions and shove them deep down inside. When Capricorns don’t want to feel a certain way, they can ignore their feelings and convince themselves they don’t exist. Capricorns need someone to prove their loyalty before they will show their vulnerability. Once you have cracked a Capricorn’s tough outer shell, you will get to see what a softie they truly are inside.

Taurus Refuses to Let Emotions Get the Best of Them

Every zodiac sign has a unique symbol that reveals special characteristics of that sign. Taurus is symbolized by the bull, which means that Taurus is one of the strongest and most stubborn signs of the entire zodiac.

Although Taurus people experience a broad spectrum of emotions, they refuse to let their feelings get the best of them. They never want to appear weak, so you’re unlikely to catch Taurus people crying uncontrollably or throwing a pity party for themselves.

They have strong feelings, but their desire to be right is the strongest. A Taurus in a standoff will not budge. Although they care about other peoples’ feelings, sometimes winning is more important to them. Taurus people can put on a poker face and refrain from showing emotion if it serves them.

The key to getting a Taurus to open up emotionally is choosing your battles carefully and knowing when to let things go. Sometimes you just have to allow them to be right so they will let their guard down. Most of the time, Taurus people are very sweet and accommodating. But on the rare occasion that they dig their heels in, you’re unlikely to change their mind


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