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3 Zodiac Signs Who Struggle With Meeting New People

Meeting new people comes with its own set of profound joys and nerve-wracking difficulties. While introducing yourself to strangers can certainly be daunting, these chance encounters can spark meaningful relationships that last for years – perhaps even decades. Though some signs seem able to talk to a brick wall about any topic under the sun, a handful of other zodiacs have their fair share of difficulties when interacting with others for the first time, whether it comes in the form of debilitating nervousness, unwavering shyness, or a general feeling of uncertainty about how to communicate with new people.


You’re firmly set in your ways, Taurus, preferring the predictability of everyday routine rather than the chaotic changes that come with the outside world. Content to spend your weekends at home, a relaxing Sunday afternoon for you is vegging out on the couch and binge-watching your favorite TV shows, preferably with your phone switched to “do not disturb.” There’s nothing wrong with relaxing and unwinding, Taurus, but you must also learn to explore the world outside your front door. Yes, unexpected changes can be meddlesome and difficult to handle, but the exciting opportunities and potential new acquaintances awaiting you are well worth the risk.


Regarding initial interactions with people, you tend to rub others the wrong way. A perfectionist at heart, you instantly tend to find the worst qualities in strangers, citing these subtle flaws as the primary reason you don’t want to spend time with them. Whether nitpicking someone’s laugh or harping on the fact that they use the word “literally” far too often in a conversation, you’d do well to lower your standards regarding new friendships, looking at a person’s positive qualities rather than focusing solely on the negative.


It takes plenty of time and patience to beg your friend, as you tend to establish all kinds of emotional walls whenever you meet new people. Even when you want friendship, you can’t help but express skepticism about a new acquaintance, preferring to meticulously vet your friends after months of getting to know them fully. Despite your propensity for asking questions, you tend to give very few answers whenever people want to learn more about you, preferring to stick to vague details that offer little insight into your personal life. As a result, you typically come off as a bit too intense and interested for your own good, routinely failing to realize that conversations involve a mutual exchange of ideas, rather than an unending barrage of questions

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