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4 Zodiac Signs That Will Win The Love Lottery In 2024

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Something is going to be in the air in 2024, and the cosmic energy is gearing up to be relentless in bringing dream-like, beautiful love stories to the forefront of so many lives. We’re talking passionate attraction, soul-shifting connection, and the deepest kind of expression. If you’ve always hoped to find something genuine, and rooted — this is your year.

With that being said, some of you will be luckier than others when it comes to matters of the heart. Below we’ve outlined the four zodiac signs that will win the love lottery in 2024.

Here’s to finding your forever — it’s written in the stars.

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Taurus — 2024 brings so much light into your relationships and connections, that you’re going to feel like you’re being reintroduced to your own heart. Throughout the beginning of the year, Jupiter is wandering through your 12th house, which will empower you to deepen your partnership dynamics and work towards genuinely figuring out what you desire from those in your life. Your mind is emboldened, and in April the Solar Eclipse will ignite your psyche, helping to lead you in the direction of all of the potential that is waiting for you when it comes to love.

It is important to believe in the power that is cracking within your life, Taurus. When Jupiter enters your 1st of vitality in mid May, one of the most satisfying and passionate relationship phases you have ever experienced is going to come to fruition. You have to allow yourself to indulge in this energy — it is flooding into your life for the first time in 12 years, helping you to take on an air of desirability and step into a deep, delightful connection.

Because your sign is ruled by Venus, July, August and September are also going to be deeply affected by the stars, and it will all prepare you for the fireworks that you are going to experience in December. As Venus enters your 7th house of long-term relationships on the fourth of the month, you are going to be gifted endless love, attention and affection. Your year will round out on the sweetest, most heart-warming note, as you can expect to be spending the holidays alongside the person you have always dreamed of loving. Prepare your heart Taurus. It’s going to be beautiful, and you deserve it.

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Cancer — your heart has been through an immense amount of challenges over the last few years. This is due to the fact that Pluto has been making a home within your 7th house, which governs your connections. However, you have to continue to believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, because 2024 is coming to reward you with some much deserved happiness. The heavy lifting you have been doing over the last few years when it comes to your love life is over. It’s time to embrace the light.

In May, a Lunar Eclipse enters your 5th house, which affects your passion and your sense of expression. Over the years, this kind of energy has been prone to opening and closing a lot of relationship doors for you, and you’ve gone through the ups and downs of its cosmic influence. Luckily, you don’t have to be afraid of this eclipse season — in May this intense energy is going to finally tie up karmic loose ends, and push you into a powerful space where the right connections will finally have the foundation to flourish.

May is an even bigger month for you because Jupiter, the planet of large blessings, is going to be moving into your 11th house, which governs your friendships. If you put yourself out there, and if you really take a chance and socialize, the Universe is going to reward you with opportunities that will inspire your heart. As a Cancer you have a tendency to shelter yourself and to cling to your security, but next year, you’re being encouraged to take risks, and to really focus on experiencing that love story you’ve always dreamed about.

If you’re still finding it difficult to leap towards the unknown in love, Venus will be there to save the day. From May to June, she will be sauntering through your 1st house, which governs your individuality. You’ll be exuding the kind of charisma that is undeniable, and the influence of such a romantic planet will have you attracting your fairytale. Venus won’t give up easily, and throughout the rest of the year, the planet will turn up the heat when it comes to passion in your life as it sticks around in your 5th house of bliss for the last three weeks of December. There is no shying away from this energy — in 2024, it’s time to step into your heart, Cancer. You don’t have to be afraid.

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Leo — 2024 is going to be one of the most impactful years for your love life. It seems like this has been a long time coming, and while your heart has been through a lot, you are being encouraged to trust in its ability to feel deeply again. The past is the past, and your future is waiting for you. However, it is not going to come without a bit more work. Please trust that it will be worth it.

In March, Saturn saunters into your 8th house, which will have a cosmic impact on your sexuality, and your emotional vulnerability. You will step into a season of genuine tenderness, and honesty, and you will feel empowered to survey your feelings, and to really assess what you want in your life. Introspection is the name of the game here, and while it can be difficult to sit with these internal conversations, it’s important, because you have to understand your heart before you have the ability to choose what is going to nurture it and protect it.

With that being said, as you start to lean into your wants and desires, Pluto will move itself into your relationship zone at the end of March. This will open up one of the most dynamic, connective phases for you. This is where it all starts to take off, and as if that wasn’t favorable enough — in early June, passionate Venus will visit your sign, and she will help to ignite a delicious love story that will unfold for you over the next five months.

Throughout this time, up until November, you will continue to feel deeply empowered when it comes to learning about what makes your heart feel safe. You have done away with impulsivity, and while the past may come back to tempt you, the lessons you have learned over the beginning months of 2024 will help to keep you anchored in what your soul genuinely desires. No more distractions. By the time Venus moves into your 3rd house of conversation on November 8th, you will be able to clearly move towards the things you hope for, and you will also be on fire when it comes to socializing and using your charisma to hook whomever your heart chooses. To make matters even better, the last few days of the year bring Venus to your love zone, ending it on a beautifully romantic note. Be proud of the way you have fought for your heart, Leo. It’s ready to fall again.

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Pisces — your dreamy, romantic nature is going to be the center of attention in 2024 due to the fact that Venus is in your own sign for the first two months of the year, showering you in passion. However, you are being called to make an effort to anchor yourself and find a secure balance between fantasy and reality, because your tendency to sacrifice too much of yourself for the wrong human beings has the potential to spoil the gifts the Universe is trying to crack into your life.

This theme of balance is going to be testing you throughout your year, but if you learn how to build a foundation within your own heart, and really approach love securely, you will be rewarded. Saturn, the planet that governs rules, will move into your very own sign for the first time in almost 30 years, and that will provide you with a long-lasting series of lessons in boundary-building and steadiness. Often, this isn’t easy for you, as you err on the side of crashing your whole soul into the people who ignite something deep within it as quickly as possible. Sometimes, you don’t know where you end and they begin, and while that might seem romantic in movies, it often leaves you hurt in the real world. In 2024, you will hold onto your hope and your tenderness, but you will learn how to approach it healthily. This sets you up to experience the long-lasting, unshakeable kind of love you deserve.

For the first half of the year, as you’re learning to lean into your boundaries, Jupiter will bless your house of self-esteem, and will then move into your 3rd house of thinking, talking, and texting for the remainder of the year. Your capacity to connect will be amplified, and you will start to see your softness as the most powerful thing about you. You will find a newfound respect for your heart, and you will enter into a phase where you know your worth. No more settling. No more hiding. Just full on emotional expression and beauty for you, Pisces.

With that being said, Venus is being extra generous with you during the second half of the year. In May she will enter your love and pleasure zone, and as the planet of love and etherealness, it’s difficult to put into words how awe-inspired your heart is going to feel. Romance will flood into your life, and on October 14th there will be a Solar Eclipse in your 8th house, which will embolden the cosmic energy even more. This is considered to be one of the most deliciously intense transits that 2024 has to offer you, transforming your connections, and leading to you the kind of soul-merging love you have always hoped to find. Hold onto your hope Pisces — you are so close.

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