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5 Zodiac Duos That Embody A Fairy Tale Love

1. Pisces + Cancer

These two are probably the cutest and sweetest couple on this list. They completely understand each other to a T, from the moment they meet to 20 years into their marriage. No doubt communication is key in any relationship, but this duo’s connection is so strong that they can almost always get a read on the other without saying a word. Pisces is one of the few signs that understand Cancer’s need for emotional security, while Cancer knows what’s behind Pisces’ constant daydreaming and has the gentlest way of snapping them back to reality.

2. Virgo + Scorpio

Whenever this earth and water sign end up together, they undoubtedly transform each other into the best of themselves. Though a minor clash between emotion and logic is bound to happen, these two complement each other at the end of the day and won’t ever struggle to find a middle ground. Scorpio admires how Virgo conducts their day-to-day. Certainly, they’re proud to be with someone who’s career and family oriented. Virgo loves Scorpio’s passion. They praise their all-or-nothing attitude and unapologetic way of living.

3. Aries + Leo

This dynamic duo is a love story written in the stars. Aries and Leo have infectious personalities alongside a passion and zest for life. A match made in heaven, the deep bond between these two saves their relationship every time they argue. Leos are an Aries’ greatest muse. These lions impact the ram’s life in ways no one else has. Ultimately, this fire sign becomes better because of the love they have for their dear Leo.

4. Capricorn + Cancer

No one like a Cancer can easily tug the heartstrings of a Capricorn. Though opposites are bound to have their fair share of arguments, these two are the few zodiac couples that can stand the test of time. They aren’t known to hook up or play games. So, when these two get together, they’re usually in it for the long haul. Capricorn adores Cancer’s nurturing personality and Cancer loves Capricorn’s ways of instilling the emotional security they need.

5. Aries + Libra

The perfect blend of masculine and feminine energy, Aries and Libra are a duo that works hard to understand each other. Though opposites and bound to quarrel over fairness and force, this duo knows how to uphold the essence of compromise. Libra brings out the good in Aries, teaching them to care more for others than themselves, while Aries lights the fire in Libra’s eyes, showing them all the ways of living with less fear

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