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Top 3 Signs Considered The Most Jealous

Jealousy breeds monsters… if it’s not in the right dose!

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What is jealousy? Defect or proof of love? The answer lies in the intensity of the manifestation and its quantity.

In any case, some signs are by far the most jealous of the zodiac. While some astrological signs have excellent compatibility with their partners, others get along great in the bedroom. But, some signs also have major flaws that can block or even destroy a relationship.

Find out which are the 3 zodiac signs considered to be the most jealous

The most possessive zodiac sign? Taurus!

Although at first glance, the Taurus who has a strong character may seem calm and collected, he is at the same time stubborn, possessive and fierce.

Never challenge a Taurus as you risk getting punched in the face!

In friendship, as in love, Taurus shows great loyalty and will need a partner on the same wavelength as him.

Taurus needs stability and cannot stand betrayal.

Taurus can become possessive and jealous when they lose trust in their loved one.

Therefore, it is difficult for him to feel safe again.

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The most jealous zodiac sign? Scorpio!

When he falls under the spell of a woman, the Scorpio man devotes himself body and soul to satisfying her.

Scorpio is also considered one of the most sensual and passionate signs of the zodiac. Living very intensely, the Scorpio will very quickly idolize this love, even if it means developing jealousy that can become extreme.

He can then become a manipulator, much to the chagrin of his life partner.

The Scorpio woman can also be jealous to the point of being sick. When she lacks self-confidence, the Scorpio woman becomes suspicious and mistrustful.

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The most envious zodiac sign? Virgin!

In family life, as in professional life, the sensitive Virgo is perfectly organized.

She doesn’t like the unpredictable and hates being destabilized.

This does not prevent her from envying her relatives when they are doing well.

Full of ambition, Virgo needs to feel perfect.

Virgo can feel frustrated if they fail to be as good as their family members, entourage or partner.

However, she can count on her determination and sense of integrity to overcome her excessive jealousy.

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And if you’re wondering which sign is the least jealous, it’s the mysterious Aquarius, a sign that’s both free and independent.

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