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4 Zodiacs Who Have To Leave Home For Their New Life Chapter

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Your emotional maturity means you’ve been able to put figurative distance between yourself and your past, Cancer, but this next life chapter requires you to create much more literal space. The fresh start you’ve been building for yourself in familiar territory will soar to new heights once you step out into the world for the first time, beyond the confines of home. You will meet new people, experience different points of view, and learn exactly who you are on your own. You’ve always been independent, but it’s only by truly standing on your own two feet that you learn to tell the difference between your own thoughts and desires and the voices of others who have taken residence inside your mind. You will only be able to let go of this baggage once you realize it’s there.

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There are things in this world it’s time for you to finally see for yourself, Pisces. Things you’ve read about in books and imagined and made real inside your mind for years. Things that have become core memories and aspects of your personality although you’ve never experienced them firsthand. Your next life chapter is about actualizing the dreams of your childhood, traveling to the places you’ve longed to see and smell and touch. Speaking languages you have studied and participating in cultures you have admired. It is time for you to learn the truth you have long suspected but never confirmed, that perhaps there is a place in this world where you fit in better, where you feel more at ease than the place you happened to be born in.

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It’s time to put your money where your mouth is, Sagittarius. You have long been the person everyone sees as adventurous. The one who’s always wanted to move to another city, the one people expect to travel much more than you actually do. Your aspirations have long outpaced your income, but some smart saving in recent months has unlocked new doors and closed the gap between your dreams and your means. It’s going to take you a second to adapt to your new reality and stop feeling out of your depth. You are capable of planning and executing your wildest adventures. The hardest part is just showing up to enjoy it all.

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You’ve been afraid to disrupt things, Libra. Worried that throwing things off balance by making a big change will prevent you from ever getting back to that sweet spot where you feel safe and in control. Change, in any shape or size, feels like a disturbance before it can register as an improvement. Things we’ve outgrown, to the point of discomfort, are still more familiar than the things that fit us like a glove but still need to be broken in. You need to embrace the process of transitioning to the things that fit, of making it through the disruption to the part where you realize that this is where you were meant to be all along. That this is where your journey was leading you to. Your destination.

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