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4 Zodiac Signs Who Run Away From Their Soulmates

Finding your soulmate is a life-changing experience. For most people, it’s an exciting time because they’ve spent so long searching for this person and have finally found them. But for others, this can be scary and intimidating. It can cause them to go running in the other direction. Here are the zodiacs who commonly run away from their soulmates:


Ninety-nine percent of the time, you are the most honest (and fearless) person in the room. However, genuine emotions scare you. You don’t want to have your heart broken or feel like your independence is being stripped away, so when you meet someone special, someone who has the potential to upend your entire life and change everything you thought you knew, it scares you. You might run away from your soulmate or hesitate to get too close to them because you are scared of how much you like them. Normally, you know you can bounce back from any heartbreak. But when your feelings are this big? You aren’t sure what’s going to happen, and that terrifies you.


Gemini, you are always on the lookout for red flags because you don’t want to end up with your heart shattered. Besides, it’s so much easier to come up with a reason why a relationship won’t work out and walk away than it is to take the time to work through problems and let down your walls for someone new. There’s a chance you might run away from your soulmate once you find them, at least temporarily, because you are focused on the negatives. But no one in this world is perfect. No relationship is perfect either. You simply have to decide whether someone is worth the trouble, worth the effort, worth the risk of heartbreak. You have to decide whether they are going to love you right, and whether you are ready to love them right too.


Scorpio, you might run away from your soulmate because you feel like they’re too good to be true. You feel like they must be playing some kind of trick on you because no one could be that perfect. No one could surpass your expectations so easily. Since you’re such a cynic, it’s hard for you to let your walls down, even once the right person strolls into your life. Your gut instinct will be to get as far away from them as possible so they don’t destroy you. After all, to you, high expectations come with high chances of disappointment. You are scared of getting your hopes up, only for them to come crashing down. But love requires risks. It requires you to take a real leap.


Aquarius, there’s a chance you’ll run away from your soulmate because they’re such a huge distraction. Since your feelings for them are so big, it will be hard for you to focus on anything else — but you need your concentration on work in order to reach your dreams. You don’t want a relationship to ruin everything else you care about, so you might swear off from love completely. However, you can have it all. You can strike a balance. You don’t have to choose one over the other.


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