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5 Zodiacs Most Likely To Date Someone They Already Know


Emotional security matters a lot to Pisces, especially in their relationships. So, the longer they know someone, the more confident they will be in their emotional bond. They’re the least likely to be swept up in a whirlwind romance. Thus, these signs usually end up with a childhood friend or someone who has been in their lives for a while.


Like Pisces, Cancers won’t commit to someone who can’t emotionally connect with them. They want to feel secure with their person and must develop a great deal of trust before moving forward. So, a friend or someone they used to know will have a greater chance with the water sign than the rest.


Friendship makes Aquarius commit and settle. The air signs are known for dating their friends and eventually falling hard for them. As free-spirited as they are, nothing stops them in their tracks more than finding love unexpectedly. Being friends with their partner is vital, and they’ve always been open to becoming more than that.


Taurus loves a slow and natural connection. So, they’ll most likely end up with someone who’s been in their life for a while. They like to take their time when it comes to love. To them, it’s not a real connection if it feels forced. What’s more natural than two people who’ve known each other since kindergarten falling in love?


Like Taurus, Virgo doesn’t rush in love. Whether an old friend from high school or a longtime coworker, these signs are bound to fall for someone they already know. They don’t see the need to fall in love quickly. That’s why it only makes sense for them to develop romantic feelings for someone who has been in their life.


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