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4 Zodiacs Who Will Discover The Answer They’ve Been Looking For In May

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Gemini, you’ve been split between two paths forward. One involves drastic change, the other more of what you’re used to. You’ve been back and forth on this one for weeks, if not months, and the truth is there is no right answer, only the right answer for you. So you’re going to listen to yourself and ask the hard questions. Is this change something you want wholeheartedly, or are you feeling apprehensive? Do you feel pressured towards any change because you’re feeling some dissatisfaction with the norm? What are the true motives, risks, and rewards behind this change? Is it the right time for this change? Is this an opportunity that only comes once, or will I be able to come back to this option down the road? You will listen to your true core feelings on the topic and figure out whether the fear you have is the good kind, the excited kind, or whether there is something in your gut that is telling you it’s not the time, or the job, or the person, or whatever it is your torn about, for you, right now.

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Virgo, you’ve been on one this month. Your temper has been shorter than usual. You’ve been snippy with loved ones, and antsy and irritated and unable to focus. And the question on everybody’s mind, most of all yours, is why? That’s the mystery you will get to the bottom of this month. You will dig deeper, beyond these surface level conflicts and annoyances, to listen to what’s really out of whack emotionally. Are you still harboring resentment about something a partner or close friend did recently, and now they just can’t do anything right in your eyes? Is frustration at work spilling into the rest of your life once you shut that laptop? Is there something from a past period of your life you still haven’t worked through that is somehow being triggered by recent events? Have you been avoiding self-care or a life goal by distracting yourself with smaller menial tasks? Whether the source of this changed behavior is internal or external, taking some quiet time to think will yield the real answer, and allow you to address the issue.

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Oh, Saggy. You poor thing. You’ve lost your mojo, and nothing seems to be able to bring the carefree, flirtatious you back. Your last fling knocked you on your ass, and time keeps passing without getting back into the saddle. You’ve been seeking the reason for this lack of chemistry in your life, and this month you will finally figure it out. You’ll have to ask yourself if you’ve been operating from a place of loneliness, love, or both. Have you been accepting attention in the place of genuine connection because it’s better than being alone? Could it be that what you thought was a fling was actually falling in love? Do you still regret not putting your true feelings out there, or have you not given yourself adequate time to mourn a loss? Could the right answer be D) All of the above? It’s time for you to let all of the action of the past season marinate, to use the introverted side of your personality to process emotions fully so you can make your next move from an authentic place.

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Aquarius, you’re so independent. Always on a mission, always with a next step ahead of you. And until recently, you’ve felt your dreams were too big, and your life too fast-paced for a serious relationship. Sure, you’ve dated, but you haven’t been able to see a clear future with a partner because you see yourself moving across the country, or the globe, whenever the opportunity presents itself in pursuit of your goals, and you’re too afraid to let yourself hope that the right person would be willing to come with you. It’s easier to assume you’ll be flying solo, because you’re so comfortable with operating that way. But this month, the answer you’ll discover is whether you’ve been wrong all this time. Whether you truly can have it all. Could a real committed partner actually help instead of hinder you? Have you not been giving your relationships a fair chance to develop into something substantial enough to keep up with your dreams? If Malala married someone who wasn’t intimidated by her global acclaim, the rest of us have hope.

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