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4 Zodiacs Who Need To Hold Out A Bit Longer For Love

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You have a hard time finding partners who fit seamlessly into your life. You want someone who has their own personality. It’s never going to work between you and someone who wants to be arm candy. You just have so much going on already, there is little room for you to mold your life around someone else’s comfort zone. They have to be able to jump right in. No toe-dipping allowed.

You may be shocked to hear that if you hold out a little longer, you may find someone who’s already at the party. Instead of trying to force a round peg into a square hole, take a look through that hole and consider who already fits. It could be a close friend, a new acquaintance, or the bartender who slides you your drink before you’ve finished sitting down. Just because something is familiar, doesn’t mean you can’t look at it in a new light.

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You require constant entertainment, Sagittarius, even in love. Everyone thinks you’re afraid of commitment, but you’re just in search of something worth committing to. You’re not looking for the meal you could eat every night for the rest of your life. You’re looking for a partner who will spend the rest of their life trying new cuisines and restaurants by your side. You’re so frustrated by lackluster dates that you get discouraged from putting yourself out there. You have to compare your love life to the other joys in your life. For every book, movie, album, coffee, cocktail, and pair of shoes that you absolutely adore, how many duds did you encounter? The same goes for finding your person.

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This may sound harsh, but you’ve been wanting to give up on love because no one seems that into you. No one is blowing up your phone, stalking your Instagram, or exhibiting behaviors that can be described as clingy. And, part of you wants that. Part of you wants to turn someone down — to be the one that’s not as into it. The one who lets the text conversations reach their natural conclusion. But, what you’re really looking for is straight-up reciprocal love. The kind that happens in rom-coms and books and pop songs. The kind you’ve been fantasizing about since you were old enough to grasp the concept of romance. Let the chemistry do its work. If you’re not someone’s cup of tea, there’s no reason to take it personally. You should be able to recognize, on some level that they’re not your’s either. When people truly vibe, it goes both ways.

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You’re looking for someone who takes love seriously, Aries. You often feel like you’re stuck in the wrong decade. Well, partially. You don’t want to go back to the racism, classism, or gender roles of yesteryear, but you wouldn’t mind the idealized version of a period piece — something Bridgerton-esque?. You need more substance than someone whose profile lists interests as their dog, friends, and tacos. You need someone with depth and intrigue. Someone who is going to be able to talk to you about the strangest thoughts that cross your mind. You just have to wait a little longer, until that person crosses your path. They’re not hiding under a rock or next door. You may have to get out there and meet different kinds of people to find them.

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