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4 Zodiacs Who Are Always Falling In Love With Their Partners All Over Again


Aries continues to fall in love with their partners because they are relentless fighters. They will show up day in and day out for their relationship and never lose sight of what brought them and their partner together in the first place. They have the endurance to weather rough terrain without lessening their pace as they continue to head toward their destination. One bad day or one bad mood doesn’t veer them off course. A ram has hooves built to traverse rocks and snow and fair pastures alike. So an Aries is built for the realities of a relationship, to love someone for the flawed human being they are—not despite those flaws, but because of them. They’ll never choose a partner they don’t see a long-term partnership with, and they know that partnership isn’t all craft cocktails and candlelit dinners and cute pictures posted on the internet. It’s making time for each other amidst crazy schedules, short fuses, misunderstandings, and shitty attitudes. It’s saying, “You’re my favorite, even though you’re a pain in the ass.


Leos continue to fall in love with their partners because they build their relationships upon the foundation of friendship. To quote Bollywood classic Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, “Pyaar dosti hai” or “Love is friendship.” And just because Leo’s know all about friends and quantity, it doesn’t mean they don’t understand the value of quality. They know the building blocks of trust, continued curiosity, patience, compassion, and respect create bonds that can last a lifetime, whether or not sex and romance come into the picture. So they’ll take the same tried and true approach that’s helped them make a million friends towards the beginning a new relationship. They will find all the things you have in common and learn to be the expert in the things that matter most to you. Which means they’ll sign up for a pickleball league with you whether they’re stoked to compete or totally out of their element. It’s all about finding new ways to continuously connect with each other, experiences that create memories unique to you both that you can laugh and reminisce on for years to come.


A Sagittarius continues falling in love with their partner because they’ve turned the relationship into an epic romance novel. They cherish every step taken together equally. The initial infatuation, the anxiety and trepidation that proceeds proof of reciprocation, the obstacles overcome, the first kiss, the first date, the first year of acclimating to each other’s moods, preferences, and idiosyncrasies, meeting each other’s parents, the first vacation, moving in together, creating a home, long discussions about the future, contemplating marriage, engagements, wedding days, and beyond. To a Sagittarius, each chapter deserves to be savored—everything about their relationship is better than any other. Is more intense, deeper, more intellectual, funnier, sexier, sweeter, and more meaningful than any other relationship in the world, no matter how many begin and end on any given day across the globe. Theirs is the one worthy of a book deal, a movie franchise, a fan club, and endless Reddit threads, but they’ll protect it like the precious possession it is. There is no dollar amount that they’d sacrifice this kind of happiness for. They just go about their day knowing that they are luckier than anyone could ever imagine.


Aquarians continue falling in love with their partners because they are always giving. The symbol of the water bearer is always pouring out from within. That means from the get go they are sharing their time, resources, attention, feelings, thoughts, and energy with their partner and continue to no matter the many ways life could ‘get in the way’. They don’t use excuses like work or friends or drama or lack of time to lighten their romantic load. They remain consistent in the face of any adversity the relationship encounters. They find strength in repetition and ritual, the little traditions developed between two people who are in love, whether it’s a favorite home cooked meal, a thumb war to lighten the mood, or a sentimental song to create a connection in the moment. They rely on these small but significant entities that form the foundation of their relationship. They breed the familiar and the comfortable, like reproducing cells until it becomes a cushion the two of you can fall back on in times of need, or to keep the water bearer metaphor going, a swimming pool that turns any fall into a refreshing cannonball.


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