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Date One Of These 4 Zodiacs Who Have Loved The Deepest


Tauruses get harped on so often for their stubbornness, but the romance department is the one area of their lives where it becomes an asset instead of a liability. Date a Taurus because they will stick by your side no matter who is trying to put a wedge between the two of you. They will stick up to friends, family, and anyone else who is doubting or nay-saying the relationship. They will always give it one more try when the two of you are at your wit’s end. They are the Noah Calhouns of the zodiac with the charm of a Ryan Gosling. They will put 110% into taking your relationship as far as it can go, and they won’t give up even when the proverbial car is running on fumes, broken down on the side of the road, or about to be towed away in front of their eyes. They are too confident in their own ability to work through hard things, and if they choose you as a partner, it’s because they see you as equally capable of the same.


A Virgo will talk endlessly about the countless first dates they’ve been on—they’ll share the highs, the lows, the memorable quips, and the juicy details. To the unsuspecting eavesdropper, they will sound like the most casual dater alive, but that’s only because they never ever open up about the ones that actually mattered. Virgos are hiding some intensely tragic and heartbreaking love stories, and no one, except perhaps their absolute best friend, has the slightest inkling about it. They have an impeccable image to protect, and if it gets out that they cried, were rejected, or actually cared what anyone thought of them, all hell would break loose. Virgos treat their heartbreak like Medjai guarded Imhotep’s remains in The Mummy. But, ironically, prying this information out of them is also the best way to get them to fall in love with you. Date a Virgo who will explain how they were emotionally demolished by their ex and then all the ways it made them a stronger, better human being. They truly see their past as a representation of themselves, and learning about it is the only way to truly know them.


Sagittariuses are always cracking jokes. Humor is their Swiss army knife. It’s an outlet to vent frustration, to combat loneliness, to break the ice, make friends, exhibit their wit, mask a dig, and any other combination of useful social actions. They will joke about their relationships and breakups as an accelerator to get over the sting of rejection, to move on from the disappointment and put distance between themselves and an unpleasant event. They’re able to bounce back quickly because they love the deepest. They never give up early, and they see the writing on the wall well before they’re ready to call it quits, so when they do, they don’t have any doubts or second guesses because they know they exhausted every last possible solution and just couldn’t make it work. They are extremely particular when it comes to love and because of this are more grateful than any other sign when they do find the right partner. When the exhaustion of looking for the right person and the loneliness that comes with not finding them are finally relieved, they can’t be anything but jubilant.


An Aquarius is always giving, even when they are most in need of support. Date an Aquarius because they will share their meal with you, even then their bank account is dangerously close to being overdrawn. They will stay up late to talk through your latest problem, even after working overtime. They will put whatever they’re in the middle of on hold if you ask them for help and will always, always remember to check on you, no matter how hectic their life becomes. They are loyal and steadfast, and this commitment to altruism means they often get taken advantage of. They never regret any of the effort they put into a relationship because they always want to show their best self to the world. They will never hold back when it comes to love and try to forge the deepest connection possible with you. They’re looking for a love that has substance, not just a surface level flirtation that photographs well. They want love letters, to be the person who waits with you in the ER, the person you call when you have a flat tire. A love where two people depend on each other—always.


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