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3 Zodiacs You Should Fear Having As An Ex


Gemini never really knows what they want, except when it comes to being adored—they believe it to be their birthright. So, whether the breakup was their decision or not doesn’t matter. What does is that they’re no longer the center of your universe. Those born under this sign are notorious for having a couple of faces, but they’ve got a lot more than two sides—and you can bet that all of their personalities will be on display after the split.

You may not be able to predict much when it comes to a Gemini, but you can always count on their unpredictability as an ex. You’ll never know how hard they’ll come for you. Initially, it’s an emotional rollercoaster. One minute they’re texting you late at night to propose a no-strings-attached FWB situation, the next they’re sending you paragraphs on why you suck so much as a human being, then they want to remain friends, and suddenly they’re telling you that they want you back. Those born under this sign have an affinity for on-again-off-again relationships. Breaking up and making up is one of their favorite games. It’s hard to resist that temptation with this zodiac. Gemini is the kind of toxic that’s hard to quit. They can make you throw all logic aside and completely discard all the reasons you left the relationship to begin with.

Eventually, Gemini will come to comprehend that they wanted you for all the wrong reasons. Once they realize that they can go at it alone, the only thing you’ll be left with is the collection of horror stories, which you’ll have plenty of—especially if they felt slighted. Wrong a Gemini and be prepared to eternally live with the consequences. Your life will forever be haunted by them. They’re hard to forget, for better or worse. After all, it was Stevie Nicks, a Gemini, who wrote “Silver Springs” about her bandmate turned ex. In a 1997 interview with MTV, she explained she wanted to let Lindsey Buckingham know: “I’m so angry with you. You will listen to me on the radio for the rest of your life, and it will bug you. I hope it bugs you.” Here’s Why He’ll Never Forget You (According to Your Zodiac Sign)


This zodiac is associated with the fifth house, which governs the heart. They are in love with being in love. Sometimes they’re more enamored with the idea than the actual person. Leo tends to self-identify in relationships and has the bad habit of letting their significant others define their worth. The demise of a relationship, especially one in which they were scorned or broken up with, is a huge blow to their personal ego. The idea that someone couldn’t love them enough to be willing to fight to make it work is devastating. It’s their worst nightmare to be hurt by a lover. For them, it’s the ultimate form of degradation.

In order to process their emotions, Leo must humiliate you back. They will seek revenge through vindictive and petty avenues. Leo will sharpen their claws, lash out, and roar through the drama. Expect them to keep the loyalty of all your mutuals. This sign will lead a PR campaign against you, or at the very least rely on manipulation for sympathy. They will spill the tea to everyone you know and not paint you in the very best of lights. You can also count on them to publicize the breakup and their moving on social media. Leo has no shame, and why should they? In their head, it’s your reputation that has been tarnished after having the audacity to leave them. Even if they still hold a soft spot in their heart for you, they would never be able to forgive you for proving them wrong in trusting you with their heart. Leo will assure that there is no relationship to go back to—not even a potential of a friendship to salvage. 11 Clear Signs an Aquarius Man Is Falling for You

They live to shine—and to make you watch them come out on top. Your social media feed will be full of their thirst traps and documented images of how wonderful their life is now that you’re gone. Their mind games and power plays can penetrate even the strongest of armor. It will hurt. Because they seek validation by rebounding quickly, you’ll have to live through the pain of watching them move on to the next. Once Leo has stopped relying on external validation, you’ll be stuck witnessing them move through life confidently. There will always be a nagging little regret in the back of your head for letting them go.


Love, like most things in life, is all-consuming for this passionate sign. Because they don’t usually reveal their true selves, Scorp doesn’t take letting someone in lightly. Trust isn’t something they easily give away. This is the same reason they may have stubbornly hung on to the relationship well past its expiration date. Once a Scorpio chooses you, then you’re it for them. They will convince themselves that you’re the only one who ever has and ever will matter, even when you weren’t suited for one another. This intense sign doesn’t just walk away from a relationship and forget about it. Breaking up makes them feel jilted—even abandoned—whether it was their doing or not. A failed romance triggers their control issues and causes them to fall down a spiral of obsession.

Their emotions manifest in secret, compulsive, and masochistic behaviors. They will watch your every move from afar, even when they’ve blocked you on every device and platform. Scorpio isn’t above creating fake profiles or signing in to your accounts to see what you’re doing (duh, they know your passwords). They’ll drive past your street if they’re ever curious about who’s coming and going. Every move you make post-break-up is cataloged in their mind—and they take each as a direct transgression against them. Scorpios may appear cool and collected on the exterior, but behind closed doors, they rage.

They become fixated on one of two things: reconciliation or vengeance. Scorpio is the most savage ex to have. They will resort to manipulative tactics to win you back and to convince you that you can’t live without them. You won’t even know you’re being played. Scorpios can become detached from humanity and emotions to achieve what they want. They’re dangerous even when they don’t want you back. Scorp won’t think twice about sleeping with your best friend and making sure you find out. If they’re really hurt, they can wait years to get even. You won’t see them coming or ever even be aware that your demise was their doing. If keeping you close aids their plans, they will lure you into a false sense of security. The kindest Scorpio there is is the one who exiles you and freezes you out forever. Pray that your ex is this type. No matter the case, you’ll always regret letting a Scorpio go—they always evolve into a better version of themselves after achieving closure

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