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The Last Week Of May Is Difficult For These Two Zodiac Signs

Like every week, Jean-Yves Espié’s horoscope gives us the signs least favored by the stars.

Here are the flops for the week of May 24-31, 2024.

Have the last few days been difficult? Have you done your best but now you really want to put the blame on your summer horoscope? You are in the right place. Because, astrologically speaking, the celestial vault moves faster than a caffeinated Aries, and the possible interpretations are very numerous. There are bound to be one or two that explain why your week is complicated if that can calm you down.

Also, rest assured: it’s all about symbols and points of view. Anyway, the stars will already have migrated next week. Who knows, maybe you’ll be one of the luckiest signs next time around. In the meantime, here is what awaits you this week, according to astrologer Jean-Yves Espié.

Horoscope: What Cosmic Weather This Week?

Monday, May 28, 2024, between the retrograde of Venus and the arrival of the Sun in Leo, we hesitate to recommend a parasol or a lightning rod. Indeed, astrally speaking, these two atmospheres are far from being the same. While the arrival of Leo season symbolizes joy, fun, and barbecues with friends, retrograde Venus invites you to get rid of the superfluous… Or rather, superfluous relationships. Yes, it’s officially breakup season, according to astrology. A Venusian retrograde would have the knack of making us reconsider our relationships. We take a step back, we review the whole picture and, sometimes, we make the decisions that go with it…

Finally, that is for the negative interpretation. Retrograde Venus can also mean a clarification: we talk about what is wrong in our friendships to strengthen them, and we work on ourselves and on our bond with others. Especially since the season of Leo invites us to come out of our cocoon to meet new people and share pleasant moments: the perfect time to make peace. Far from being a “sad Bamba”, this last week of May has the merit of giving us a fresh start. But if the end of May still brings luck to certain astrological signs, for others, it is not easy.

Horoscope: A Little Fatigue Affects This Astro Sign This Week

To tell the truth, the fatigue is mainly mental. No wonder for an astrological sign symbolically linked to the intellect: Gemini. Linked to the star of reflection, Mercury, the double sign has the brain always in action, even boiling. But sometimes it’s too much. This has been the case, astrologically speaking, since Mars entered Virgo, Gemini-friendly nerd territory. “When the planet of action sends you excess energy, this translates into overactivity combined with mental fatigue,” explains Jean-Yves Espié. Mars in another Mercurian sign tempts Geminito to be everywhere at once, to do everything, see everything, and learn everything. If his curiosity and his thirst for knowledge are his greatest strength, Gemini must keep in mind that he is also a body that needs rest. “Fortunately, nuances the astrologer, the presence of Mercury in an accomplice sector favors your sense of communication and adaptation. Yes, Mercury has entered Virgo and you could take advantage of it to plan for slack, days of beating between two outings, and a little rest. History to see more clearly. “Make sure to dodge the constraints and give yourself a break,” advises Jean-Yves Espié. As for France Gall, she goes more frankly: “Disconnect. »

Horoscope: This Week, This Astrological Sign Should Turn The Page

And as much to say that moving on to something else is not the cup of tea of ​​any Earth sign, of which the main interested party is a part. The Capricorn sign sees its past catching up with it this week. Pragmatic and rational, he tends to shove things that disturb or sadden him under the rug. For the sake of emotional modesty, fear of confronting one’s emotions or efficiency: diving back into one’s past to understand one’s present takes time. “The real novelty always comes from going back to basics,” writes Edgar Morin, reflecting Pluto’s temporary return to your sector. “, quotes Jean-Yves Espié. “You thought you were rid of it? It was counting without its slowness. »

Yep, Pluto, the planet of everything below our surface is retrograde right now in Capricorn. This generally augurs great transformations, both interior and exterior. The mourning of a period of your life, an idea, or a relationship may await Capricorn this week. “The star of the depths is inspiring on condition that you have resolved what attaches you to the past. Turn the page once, if necessary. “, advises Jean-Yves Espié. As for us, we will content ourselves with pointing out that consulting a psychology professional if necessary is far from being a waste of time.


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