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These 5 Zodiac Couples Have No Chance Of Being Together

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No matter what they do, they will never be able to save their relationship.

Here are the European zodiac couples who have no chance if they stay together.

Berbec – Scorpion

People born under these two zodiac signs are far too passionate, and when they are together things are more intense than ever, the relationship crumbling right before their eyes. Couples become obsessive and jealous very quickly, and nothing good will come of these emotions of theirs.

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Libra – Pisces

Although Libra seems like a perfect partner for Pisces, as time goes on, the two will become really sensitive… in fact, much more sensitive than they should be. The Pisces person is often a difficult partner for the tastes of Libra, who get bored very quickly.

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Taurus – Aquarius

Although friendships are wonderful between Taurus and Aquarius, two people of these signs could never be together. They don’t have much in common, lack strong passion, and can never be on the same page. It’s like they’re always working against each other all the time.

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Cancer – Sagittarius

Cancer is sometimes a much too stubborn person for Sagittarius, the latter not being able to cope with the situations in which he will be put. In addition, Cancer will feel that he is not good enough in this love partnership and that Sagittarius runs away when things start to get serious.

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Taurus – Aries

Of course, these two zodiac signs have a lot in common. But as Tauruses are closed in people, quite stubborn and always willing to be in control no matter what the situation, Aries will get tired of the way their partner is trying to live their life pretty quickly and will distance themselves from it.

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