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These 3 Zodiac Signs Are The Biggest Manipulators – Beware!

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None of us can call ourselves a saint, but those who are more prone to manipulation are already exhibiting pathological behavior.

Because there is a fine line between lying and deceiving others out of wisdom and social intelligence versus doing so for personal gain or gain.

Unfortunately, most manipulators prefer the sense of control, dominance, and suffering of other people to everything, which explains why manipulative people are often avoided and cautioned against.

Because they can often disguise themselves as our friends, family members, and even romantic partners.

People to whom we would lay the world at their feet, but who betray us the moment it becomes comfortable for them.

Because they cannot process their feelings in the same way as their “victims”.

So, because of the way they perceive empathy and the emotions of other people, they are in the dark triad of the spectrum.

In which three zodiac signs are usually found more often than others.

But that doesn’t always have to be the case;

However, you will know if this is the case based on your own experience.

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1. Scorpio

Scorpio is clearly at the forefront when it comes to manipulating and deceiving people.

Yet the knowledge that allows them to so masterfully deceive everyone around them also comes through their apparent love for people and their psyche, which serves as a great asset for them to seek validation and

to get the attention they want.

It is a fact that Scorpios do not judge the actions of others and sometimes even embrace those who tend to create chaos for others and themselves.

However, this is all part of their nature and to understand it one must know the story of the toad and the scorpion.

One day, a toad was ready to swim peacefully across a river when a wandering scorpion asked for help.

The scorpion asked kindly, “Will you help me cross the river, toad?”

The toad then said peacefully, “I don’t know if I can trust you, what if you stab me with your stinger?”

However, the scorpion reassured her: “You don’t need to be afraid! If I did that, I would drown with you too.”

The toad finally agreed and the scorpion jumped on her back to cross the river with her.

But as they crossed the river, the scorpion did the inevitable and stung the toad.

The toad then yelled, “Why did you do that, you’re going to kill yourself now!”

But the scorpion replied softly, “I can’t help it, it’s in my nature.”

So, no matter how kind, innocent, helpless, and soulful Scorpios portray themselves, never believe their lies and stories designed to create false sympathy;

Because it’s in their nature to control and take advantage of others, no matter how much they tell you otherwise.

Because other people’s pain and attention surely feeds their ignorance and ego.

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2. lion

While it sounds unusual, second place in the ranking of the most manipulative zodiac signs is something that would certainly hurt the lion’s ego.

Finally, notwithstanding the many virtues and abilities they express, this zodiac sign also tends to be a slave to the attention and manipulator of others.

So it is not uncommon for them to strive for greatness in the course of their lives, but also like to dominate and belittle others.

Thus, both women and men of this zodiac sign love to influence and dominate their partner and even their friends;

Because lions must always be admired and they must never question their competence and size.

If they do, they will pick an apparent weakness in you and use it against you, leaving only shards of your own confidence in your wake.

So if you tell your Leo friend that you got a bachelor’s degree, he’ll make fun of you for not having a master’s degree;

Or if you are arguing with your Leo partner for cheating on you, they will tell you they have the right to it while you don’t have it;

While all you endure is a price you pay to be around her.

Because they believe that all the things they have achieved make them more valuable than anyone else;

Or that because of those things, they deserve to have whatever they want and are even able to do the wrong things without suffering consequences.

That’s why they like to surround themselves with people who seem less successful or more sensitive than they are.

Because they can give them a constant boost for their own ego, which at times seems almost indelible.

So much so that no matter how much attention and admiration they get, it never seems to be enough for them.

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3. Pisces

Pisces strikes many as unlikely manipulators because they are very emotional and unselfish.

However, I always like to say that Pisces is still represented by two Pisces representing the duality of things;

Like fire and water, hate and love, earth and sky…

So you are able to live on the edge of the two extremes and can create both heaven and hell on earth for someone;

Because their intense emotions and their very disappointed attitude towards life make them difficult individuals.

They often reflect their insecurities on those close to them.

However, they also tend to do so in a very manipulative and vindictive way when they feel someone has abused their love.

This is important to mention because Pisces are indeed manipulative, but only if attacked first.

However, sometimes this manipulation can go so far as to make you seem like the most evil person you have ever met in your life.

So, should it happen that you leave a Pisces in a romantic relationship, the next day he will find someone else just to piss you off;

Or they tell you things just to confuse you and lie about fake compliments they got.

After all, their self-confidence depends on the artificial image they create of themselves and the insecurities they inspire in others;

They also feel insecure all the time, but prefer to project this onto others rather than actually working on their self-esteem.

However, since Pisces is also a zodiac sign capable of recognizing past mistakes and transforming, later this is also a possibility;

But unfortunately, up to this point, they may have lost many people they loved simply because they couldn’t see their own worth.

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