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2 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Lives Will Transform In June

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Your love life transforms this month, Virgo when you come to terms with what you really want. You get hung up on logic constantly, focusing on who’s available, who’s interested, who’s “nice”, and who meets the bare minimum for decency, and it’s time to flush that thinking down the proverbial toilet.

You like what you like, and you want what you want, and whenever you get in your head telling yourself it’s not what you’re supposed to like or want, you’re just doing yourself a disservice. You cannot make a square peg fit into a round hole, and even you, your royal tidiness, cannot produce real chemistry from something that just sounds good on paper. I hate to burst your bubble, but buying a sourdough starter during the pandemic does not make you an alchemist.

So just follow your gut, for once. The world is tired of hearing you calmly run through your options, trying to put a positive spin on a series of lukewarm dates, and then casually mention that one person you keep saying “it would never work“ with. Everyone can see the one thing you can’t come to terms with, and it’s high time you adopted a Harriet the Spy mentality towards your own preferences. Tomato sandwiches may not be everyone’s cup of tea and might give a few folks heartburn even, but if it makes you happy, if it’s your favorite thing in the world, there’s no use in pretending it’s not.

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Pisces, Pisces, Pisces. It’s time to turn your feelings into actions this month. To take the thousands of words flying around in your head or hidden away in your journal and say them, most of them anyway, out loud.

Your love life transforms when you stop hiding it away from the world. You play it so cool sometimes, people have no clue you are even interested. You think love is something that is supposed to show up knocking at your door one day, that you’re supposed to just sit and wait for it, but this is 2024. No one is coming to your door if they don’t know where you live, you didn’t invite them, and it’s not an Amazon delivery.

You don’t have to pull a Seth Cohen and declare your love from the first tabletop you awkwardly climb atop, but it would help if you could flirt in a way that at least registers on other people’s radar. There is a time for submarine-level stealth, but this is not one of them. You consistently underestimate yourself and your chances with the people you are drawn to. When you assume someone’s not interested before you put yourself out there, you leave so much possibility on the table. Your formality and faux indifference may intimidate those who are dying to make a move. You are such a genuine person with so much to offer, you just need to stop holding back.

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