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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Start An Affair On The New Moon On February 20th

When it comes to meeting someone and starting a casual relationship, the new moon is the right time to think about it.

There are some zodiac signs who are just looking for something non-committal to have a good time and not commit. If you want to know what zodiac signs these are, read on!


With the upcoming new moon, Capricorns are able to form relationships with other people without becoming too committed.

In addition, he is very open during this time and clearly communicates what he expects from the relationship. He also likes it when he has his freedom and doesn’t have to worry.

Sometimes it can feel like Capricorns are using others when looking for a one-night love.

But he’s honest and doesn’t let his counterpart grope around in the dark. If you don’t want to be in a serious relationship either, then he’s the guy for you.

He’ll make you have a good time and be very clear about what he wants from the “relationship.”

Also, he will have a good time on this new moon and won’t let that stop him, but he can also be very quick to end things if they get too serious or complicated.

If you’re a Capricorn, you don’t want love and serious relationships to change your dynamic, so you will try to hold back as much as possible when it comes to emotional attachments.


Gemini is clearly not interested in a serious relationship on the upcoming new moon.

He is afraid to get involved in a relationship because he would have to give up his freedom. He’s terrified of revealing his feelings because he’s been hurt in the past.

Instead, he looks for people he can just have love with, preferring to stick with friends with benefits. So he keeps his freedom and still has fun.

It’s not uncommon for him to get bored with these types of relationships after a while, so he seeks a change.

If there are problems, he gives this person a wide berth because he doesn’t want to have to make any commitments.

He doesn’t want to give up himself to commit to a partner.

He may be subconsciously looking for someone who could change his mind about love. But you shouldn’t count on that when dating a Gemini.

Because this zodiac sign is constantly oscillating between the desire for a serious relationship and the desire to keep it casual. This can be very stressful for both parties.

Gemini doesn’t expect every relationship to last. He just wants to have fun for a while and that’s enough for him to be happy.

If you decide to get into a relationship with him, you need to know that he will always withdraw and appreciate his freedom.

It’s important that you give him the freedom he needs to ensure his satisfaction.

You also need to understand that he cannot reveal his feelings even if he is in a relationship. He’s afraid to open up and get hurt.

It’s important to know that if he really wants to be happy in a serious relationship, he needs to learn to open up.

Talk to him and try to encourage him to open up and show his feelings.

You must have a good understanding of the Gemini and give them the freedom they need. If you do that, you can build a strong and happy relationship with him.


On this new moon, Virgo finds it difficult to make decisions, which is why they prefer not to make any.

If you give her a choice between starting a relationship or going to the next level, she backs down.

Because she needs more time to find out what she really wants.

She also likes it when there are no deals, so she has no problem dating several people at the same time.

It’s quite clear that this zodiac sign is vague, so you should try to stay away from her if you’re not into games or casual affairs.

She won’t be able to tell you clearly what she wants, and that can be quite confusing, especially when feelings are involved.

It’s possible she could break other hearts on this new moon if she’s not careful. She thinks she is entitled to take what she wants.

She pays little attention to the feelings of others and only thinks of herself. Fortunately, this ruthless phase will soon be over!

Try to understand them well. It’s not easy to make decisions and sometimes it’s easier to let things come to you.

Also, talk to her about what you want and what you don’t want. This is a good way to help her make up her mind.

She should know what she’s getting herself into if she decides to pursue a serious relationship. This allows Virgo to understand what is important in a relationship and how to be considerate of others’ feelings.

It’s important that you also make sure you’re not the one whose feelings are being hurt.

Remember that you deserve to be loved by someone who makes the decision for you and isn’t afraid to admit it. Only you can decide how to behave in this situation

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