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Deep Thoughts For Your Sign This Sunday (In Two Sentences Or Less)


“Life will bring you to your knees, sometimes with pain, sometimes with beauty, sometimes with both at once. It will break down your defenses, providing opportunities to love. Miracles will hide in the most ordinary moments, and your heart will bruise until it breaks open. Slowly, it will teach you that it’s not external; it’s within. It will unfold at a pace you can barely bear and, yet, faster than you can imagine. Unexpected turns will lead to destiny, and you will learn to trust and believe in shedding the layers of illusion between you and the realization of your soul’s deepest desires.” — Brianna Wiest, The Pivot Year


“Stop chasing what only keeps you running. Cease pursuing anything that makes you question your worth. Refrain from diluting yourself for those who won’t witness your bloom.” — Molly Burford, Moments to Hold Close


“The qualities you admire in others mirror the qualities you cherish within yourself. The traits you despise in others are the ones you fail to see in yourself.” — Brianna Wiest, 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think


“You must grasp that your existence extends far beyond the opinion you hold of yourself. Perhaps, if you paused to observe, you’d realize you are more brave, powerful, beautiful, and loved than your smallest self allows you to believe.” — Brianna Wiest, The Pivot Year


“Cease the search for ‘The One’ to spend your life with. Become ‘The One.’ Let others come searching for you.” — Heidi Priebe, This Is Me Letting You Go


“Never regret pouring your heart into loving someone, even if it didn’t last. Love is always a worthwhile endeavor, and every moment spent loving another is never wasted.” — Molly Burford, Moments to Hold Close


“You were never asking for too much. You were simply asking the wrong person.” — Bianca Sparacino, A Gentle Reminder


“You become who you are through the chapters that leave you feeling broken.” — Jacqueline Whitney, Stay Until Tomorrow


“Remember, things won’t always go as planned. While you may lack control over outcomes, you can control your reaction to them.” — Charlotte Freeman, Everything You’ll Ever Need


“Your habits shape your mood, and your mood colors how you experience life.” — Brianna Wiest, 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think


“A lack of routine is a breeding ground for perpetual procrastination.” — Brianna Wiest, 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think


“Before a moment becomes a memory, hold it close.” — Molly Burford, Moments to Hold Close

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