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On February 18th, These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Dreamiest Day

On February 18th, several significant astrological events are going to be dancing within our atmosphere. The sun will move into the sign of Pisces, marking the beginning of Pisces season, and the moon will be in Taurus. If that wasn’t already delicious enough, several planets will be in close alignment, including Venus, Mars, and Jupiter — which will form a rare planetary configuration known as a triple conjunction.

Most importantly, as the sun moves into the sign of Pisces, we enter a collective period of heightened emotional sensitivity, creativity, and intuition. Pisces is a water sign, and as such, is associated with the realm of emotions and the unconscious mind. During this season, we may feel a stronger connection to our dreams, fantasies, and spiritual beliefs. This is a time for introspection, self-reflection, and exploring our inner being. Emotions may run high, but that is the beauty of being alive, right?

Overall, February 18th is a day when we are encouraged to dig deeper, and to tap into our emotional sensitivity. With that being said, this day may have a little extra fantasy and dreaminess in store for these four zodiac signs —


Aquarius — February 18th is going to be a particularly lucky day for you, so hold on tight. As the sun moves into dreamy Pisces, you may experience a newfound and emboldened sense of clarity, helping for you to dig deeper and uncover the purpose you needed to find within your personal and professional endeavors. The last few months have not been easy for you, but the Universe has watched you navigate each obstacle with grace and optimism, and after the 18th you will start to see how the challenges that previously held you back are easier to weather. Move towards the things in life that genuinely ignite your soul, Aquarius. The stars are on your side.


Scorpio — a light is shining down upon you on February 18th, so don’t be shy when it comes to stepping into your moment. As the moon dances through Taurus, you may find yourself feeling particularly intuitive and deeply in tune with your innermost emotions. This can be a powerful tool for you, and as a sign that is often known for your intensity and passion, you are being encouraged by the Universe to dig even deeper into the heart and the powerful nature of what makes you so mysteriously special. With a heightened sense of self-awareness and emotional intelligence during this timing, you may be able to make important breakthroughs in your personal relationships and creative inspirations. Embrace the energy, Scorpio — it has never led you astray.


Pisces — as the sun makes its powerful move into your sign on February 18th, you may feel a surge of unyielding energy and creativity within you. Don’t question this intensity — the Universe is pouring an immense amount of beauty into your life during your season, and it is in your best interest to let it wash over you. This is a time where you should focus on what you do best, manifesting and pursuing your goals with hopeless abandon. With the support of the sun, you may also find that you are able to better tap into your innate wisdom and mystical intuition. It is now or never Pisces. Ask the cosmos for what you desire in this life, because it is in a very giving mood.


Capricorn — February 18th is a day that is going to ground you deeply, helping for you to focus on your personal growth and your development when it comes to your spirit and your intuition. As the moon moves through Pisces, you may find yourself feeling more introspective and reflective than usual — a feeling you often run from. The Universe is asking that you sit in this energy, because this can be a valuable opportunity for you to connect with your inner self and gain greater clarity when it comes to what your true purpose in this world is. Capricorn, with a little bit of introspection, your eyes will be opened to all of the ways you yourself can align with your destiny. It’s time to listen.

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