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These 3 Signs Want To Go Back To Their Ex On The Full Moon On November 27th, 2023

While some signs will get married, others decide to take the plunge and get back together with an old flame.

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Taking back an ex-partner is a big decision and requires tremendous strength of character, so do you have what it takes?

This ex could be someone you sincerely intended to stay apart from, and yet the desire for that person, for that relationship, still exists.

This full moon tends to stir up emotions in some zodiac signs that they thought were long gone. In the end, some of us will knock on our ex-partner’s door and beg for a second chance.

These 3 zodiac signs want to go back to their ex on the coming full moon:

Sagittarius zodiac sign

One reason you think about your ex so often is because there’s no one in your life to fill the void that was meant for romance.

Your ex had a magnetic presence, and you truly believed that you would sail off into the sunset together. But here you stand alone today, filled with regret.

You never took responsibility for your actions and your role in your breakup. Instead, you blamed him and cast yourself in the role of the suffering partner who couldn’t take it anymore.

Over time, you realize that maybe you were unbearable to be with, even if that’s hard to admit.

The full moon illuminates all your mistakes, and you can no longer lie to yourself. You long to get him back, and your day is dominated by your obsession with that idea.

If you’re honest with yourself, you never wanted to break up. You enjoyed the safety and security that your relationship with your ex offered you, and to this day you still don’t understand why it had to come to this.

The full moon gives you hope that there could be a chance for both of you in the future.

After all, you learned a lot in his absence, and you are aware that he must have felt the same way. If your ex isn’t in a new relationship at this point, you might consider reaching out to him during the full moon to find out how he’s doing.

There is a chance that he too wants the same thing as you. It might be worth looking into.

Star Sign Gemini

The last thing on your mind was having anything to do with your ex. But on this full moon, you will witness a shift in your own mindset.

When you ended that relationship, you felt not only that you were doing the right thing, but also that breaking up would give you a sense of freedom, ease, and readiness for the world.

Did that happen? For about a month or two, you actually felt like you were young and carefree again.

But then the memories kicked in, and suddenly you had so many positive experiences with your ex in mind – the kind of memories that only that special person could give you.

Yes, you broke up, but it was the best relationship you ever had! You blew it.

You didn’t have the patience to clarify things and you didn’t express yourself enough. Now that person is no longer part of your life.

One of the most important lessons you seem to keep learning is that love is never logical.

Even if someone seems like the perfect partner on paper, that doesn’t mean your heart personally agrees.

The same is true in other ways, and it’s entirely possible for this type of ex to come back into your life – not just as a new partner, but as someone who could represent a healthy relationship.

It doesn’t matter what our minds say about love because only our hearts know the truth.

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Occasionally you’ll feel a pang of regret as you think back to how you broke up with your ex and how much you miss him in that moment.

Because of your pride, you avoided admitting that the breakup had any meaning for you.

Although you hate to think of yourself as a victim, deep down you realize that you actually weren’t one.

Upon further reflection, you realize that you may have been too strict and that your former ex actually suffered from your temper or anger.

In the light of the full moon, you will take an intense look at the mistakes you have made and feel the full weight of the decision that separated you from the person you once loved deeply.

It could also be that you originally labeled this person a fling or someone out of your league because you felt like you had to make too many changes to yourself to make a relationship work.

But people really can change over time, and the full moon will give you a reality check.

This full moon will motivate you to find ways to reconnect with that person.

Your goal will be to find a way to get back together with her. Share your needs and conditions.

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These 3 Signs Want To Go Back To Their Ex On The Full Moon On November 27th, 2023

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