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Horoscope: December Brings Luck To These Two Signs

New projects, favorable negotiations, and surprise bonuses. Here’s what the two luckiest signs can expect for the month of December 2023.

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“There is no chance, there are only meetings,” wrote Paul Éluard. In astrology, sometimes the stars are perfectly aligned. As if a boulevard was opening up to us. Whether we believe in our “lucky star” or not, certain situations then seem simpler, more fluid, and easier. To successfully identify these lucky moments, there is nothing better than reading your horoscope. This is why every month, the astrologer, Jean-Yves Espié reveals his classification of the signs which will benefit from the good cosmic waves. Who will be on top for the days of December 2023? What surprises do the planets have in store for us? How to successfully take advantage of it? All the answers without further delay.


At the moment, many planets meet in Water signs. “The Sun comes to join Mars in Scorpio,” explains the astrologer. This winning and dynamic duo allows Cancer – another Water sign – to gain confidence. “Their race invites you to take action,” says Jean-Yves Espié. Everything in the sky is designed to propel the crab out of its shell. It is time to move forward, to (re)take the reins of your destiny and above all to achieve your goals. Cancer doesn’t have to be afraid of their ambitions. He has all the cards in hand to achieve his goal. “It’s about setting a specific goal and rolling up your sleeves without delay,” advises the astrologer.

The first Water sign, carried by Mars and the Sun in Scorpio, can have confidence in himself. Jean-Yves Espié is certain: “The steps you are currently taking will be favored by luck. » If the planets seem to align above his head, Jupiter also adds his two cents. The star that is also nicknamed “the planet of expansion and luck” invites itself to the party. The opportunity for Cancer to benefit from a slight boost “in your financial sector”. What should we understand behind all this? Cancer is about to reap the fruits of their labor. His efforts will pay off and we are talking about a small bonus on the money side which would allow him to replenish the coffers. 100% beneficial!

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“Count on increased alertness to seize opportunities and navigate obstacles with the agility of a cat. You know it well, time is precious and you have so many motivating things to do,” emphasizes the astrologer. Many perspectives then open up to Aries. Daring projects could emerge from the discussions that are taking place. The meetings follow one another. In short, everything that involves exchange, partnership, and networking is good. Aries is lucky to be able to develop his business this month. All he has to do is find allies ready to follow him on his adventures.

It’s not just the planets in Scorpio that are active. This month is marked by the arrival of Mercury in Sagittarius and when the star of communication meets the great adventurer of the zodiac, the machine starts up again. The field of possibilities opens up and new opportunities present themselves. It is Aries who has the delight of reaping the benefits. As the astrologer confides, this placement will be ideal “to initiate dialogue and negotiate with finesse the issues of the moment”. An ambitious and charismatic character, Aries is not the type to give up. When he has an idea in mind, nothing can stop him. The icing on the cake, in the coming days, Mercury increases its aura and its power of persuasion tenfold.

Horoscope: December Brings Luck To These Two Signs

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