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Mid-November Brings Luck To These Three Zodiac Signs

Like every week, astrologer Zodiachelps shares his ranking of the luckiest signs of the zodiac. Between November 14 and 20, 2023, the stars align to advance the lives of the lucky ones. Will you be part of this top?

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That’s it, the start of the school year is over, and the action is back on track. Routine takes over again. We have a series of appointments, we multiply outings and activities. We all come together to create a new dynamic. There’s no question of rushing though. With six planets in retrograde , it is important to review the way we act and think. We want to do things differently, give ourselves more time. Focus on quality over quantity. If for some, this change of pace can be stressful, for others, it is quite the opposite. New benchmarks, opportunities to seize, charm and confidence await you. Three astrological signs are going to have a great week. At least that’s what astrologer Zodiachelps announces in his horoscope for November 14 to 20, 2023. Decryption.


It’s one of the little darlings of the sky this month of November. With Venus shining in his sky, Leo is all fire. It takes advantage of the last moments of summer to shine. The atmosphere is one of joy, good humor, and desires that come back to life. No doubt, the stars align above his head to bring him luck. “A rare period,” insists the astrologer. It would then be a shame not to take advantage of it. “The presence of Venus is important because her talent is exceptional for bringing luck and charm. » With such a quality combo, Leo has every chance of getting what he wants. The week is promising, it allows the most royal of signs to regain self-confidence. More energetic, and more sure of himself, he rushes to get what he wants.

On the heart side, he could then invest more intensely. As a couple, he surprises by creating a surprise, by opening up a little more, or by organizing a romantic date. Yes, Leo is generous and loving. He is putting everything in place to prove it in the coming days. In solo, everything speeds up. The presence of Mars in Libra (a friendly sign) invites Leo to take the plunge. The beautiful energies present this week help to increase the number of encounters and to open up a little more to the rest of the world. He dares to be warm and welcoming. A detail that should not go unnoticed by his potential “crushes”. All this excitement on the heart side also has repercussions on his social life. The Lion quietly takes advantage of the week to see his friends by multiplying the declarations. It is good to live in the universe of the most solar of astrological signs.

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If Leo focuses on the sentimental aspect of his life, Aries is busy developing his professional life. It is to Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, that he owes this. By presenting itself in its relational sector, the star energizes its exchanges. It’s creative and constructive. Inspiring and productive. “Mercury will offer you a more fluid adaptation to manage daily life,” confides Zodiachelps. Translation: Aries shows more flexibility. A good omen for successfully negotiating the terms of your contract. He finds solutions, takes a step aside, and looks for new ways of working. His new and innovative outlook seems to seduce those around him. Mercury also promotes his ideas. Enough to promise him great progress.

If it has established itself as the essential sign in the office, it is because we know that we can count on it to bring a new dynamic. Little extra: “Jupiter in your financial sector is an indicator of opportunity. » Doors are opening and it promises to bring him big results. He is invited to explore other paths, to broaden his scope of action to find allies and contracts that will challenge him. It’s exciting, especially for a sign like Aries who loves a challenge. In short, “the context is fortunate for taking initiatives and skillfully managing your affairs,” promises the astrologer. To succeed, it is in his best interest to focus on teamwork. It is by surrounding yourself with the right partners that you will double your chances of reaching the top.

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We know him to be fiery and full of spirit, but lately he seemed calmer. Fortunately, it was all just a blip. With the start of the school year, Gemini seems completely transformed. He restarts the machine, regains its former vigor. In short, he shines again. In question: a beneficial placement above his head. “Mars stimulates your projects,” explains Zodiachelps. If he needs to show more flexibility, the first Air sign still has a great card to play. “It’s a week marked by increased energy that you must exploit by seizing the ball when opportunities present themselves. » There is not a minute to lose. It is time to enter into negotiations and give everything to succeed in convincing. Gemini must stay on the lookout. Changes are coming and everything promises to be particularly interesting.

To succeed, discussions begin. There is no question of playing on the suspense or not revealing your game straight away: “ Mercury asks you to clarify the obscure points. » Mars in Libra convinces him to dare everything to move the lines. In a friendly sign, the red planet pushes him to be sincere and diplomatic. It’s about sharing your projects and expressing your desires without taking any detours to resolve the situation. This is how those around him will be able to understand him, hear him and help him. Enough to strengthen ties while giving ourselves the means to go further.

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Mid-November Brings Luck To These Three Zodiac Signs

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