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Your Lunar Horoscope For The Week

Every week, find all your astrological forecasts thanks to the horoscope for your moon sign by Zodiachelps.

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Whether you’re an astro expert or don’t know the existence of the moon sign, you’ve come to the right place. Astrologer Zodiachelps gives you the astrological keys to approach your week with complete peace of mind.


To find out your moon sign, simply gather three pieces of data: your date, time, and place of birth. This information allows the calculation of your moon sign, also called an astrological chart or star chart. Inside? Your moon sign, your ascendant, and more. The astral chart can be calculated online on sites like Evozen or Astrotheme or on astrology applications. And if you don’t want all this information but just focus on the moon, you can calculate your moon sign separately.


The moon sign is calculated based on the position of the moon when you were born. If this was in the constellation Aries, then this is your moon sign. The moon circles the twelve signs of the Western zodiac in approximately 28 days, two and a half days per astrological sign. Your time of birth is therefore imperative to determine your moon sign.


The moon sign represents your emotions, your inner child, and your subconscious. Associated with the sign of Cancer, the moon represents our instinct for security, our relationship with family, and our memory. The moon sign tells you what you deeply need and what comforts you.

Lunar Horoscope For The Sign Of Aries

Your sky clears from Monday and your morale rises with the departure of the planets which occupied your opposite sector. Consider recharging your batteries rather than pulling on the rope all the time. Don’t wait for others to take the initiative, you will obtain better results by relying only on yourself: you have surprising resources at your disposal.

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Lunar Horoscope For The Sign Of Taurus

With the presence of Venus in an Earth sign, you need to share your affection. When the planet of love looks kindly on you, there is no shortage of requests. You will be reassured about your ability to please. Don’t let yourself be confined by your family obligations, this will be an opportunity to encourage those around you to become more independent.

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Lunar Horoscope For The Sign Of Gemini

You need more oxygen. Trust what your heart tells you, without letting yourself be influenced by those who don’t see things from the same angle. Your ability to adapt to unexpected situations is valuable and your need to discover new things is important. Let yourself be guided by your natural curiosity.

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Lunar Horoscope For The Sign Of Cancer

The arrival on Monday of the Sun and Mercury in a Water sign heralds a more dynamic week. Several planets are concentrated in your emotional and family sectors. Take stock of your feelings, otherwise, you risk giving them too much importance. Your goal will be to identify people you can count on.

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Lunar Horoscope For The Sign Of Leo

Feelings get mixed up when the planets jostle them, but rest assured, it’s temporary. These are one-off influences that are not intended to last over time. Deal with the people around you, without trying to change them. See them simply and lucidly, knowing how to say “no” when it doesn’t suit you.

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Lunar Horoscope For The Sign Of Virgo

Venus is still in your sector. The star of love brings you this extra relational flexibility that melts hearts. Good news generally never comes alone, Jupiter forms protective angles with Venus whose mission is to accentuate its effects. This duo helps you relax and feel in harmony.

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Lunar Horoscope For The Sign Of Libra

The Sun, Mercury, and Mars leave your sign on Monday to focus on your financial sector. Above all, it will be a question of clarifying certain things, negotiating subtly what needs to be negotiated, and, above all, showing firmness if the problem requires it. In any case, a nice improvement in your situation seems to be on the menu.

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Lunar Horoscope For The Sign Of Scorpio

The planets gather in your intimate sky and you will move forward in your affairs of the heart. The passage of Mercury on your Moon will make you differentiate between what attracts you and what is good for you. The Sun brings you warmth and increased morale, and Mars assures you of increased energy… punctuated by a slight impatience.

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Lunar Horoscope For The Sign Of Sagittarius

Your sky is clear of almost all influences. You will benefit from taking initiative according to your desires. The coming weeks promise to be hot, with an outbreak of emotions. A positive change is taking place, try to clarify your objectives: clearly identify what you want to see evolve and move forward step by step.

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Lunar Horoscope For The Sign Of Capricorn

These are eight planets that provide you with their support, a very rare record of positive influences that you must seize. The period requires rolling up your sleeves and banking on your lucky star, which will protect you in relational and family matters. Lean on the Mars-Jupiter duo, whose influence invites you to see the bright side of things in order to act effectively.

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Lunar Horoscope For The Sign Of Aquarius

On the private side, don’t set the bar too high and reduce your psychological burden. If your emotional environment is satisfactory, enjoy every moment without asking questions. Otherwise, don’t hold on to what you’re experiencing, and prepare to welcome something new. Interesting perspectives could open up.

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Lunar Horoscope For The Sign Of Pisces

The arrival of the Sun and Mercury in a friendly sign brings you stimulating warmth to accentuate your emotional impulses. Do not deny yourself anything, accept with naturalness and kindness what surrounds you and what presents itself. With the planet of the mind on your side, rely on your analysis of situations to make the best choices.

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Your Lunar Horoscope For The Week

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