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Zodiac Signs That Are Emotional Vampires

Emotional vampires stop you from growing as a person and drag you down with their insecurities and constant negativity.

An emotional vampire can be your sibling who never takes responsibility for their situation. It may be a best friend who you try to help after a breakup, but who keeps telling you that everything is everyone else’s fault.

Your boss may enjoy creating drama and manipulating people in your work life.

When you’re around him, your emotions become unbalanced and you can’t focus on anything else because of the toxic environment he creates.

Some zodiac signs may actually be more prone to emotional abuse than others. If one of these zodiac signs is your lover, your friend, or your family, you should take care of yourself and set lots of boundaries if you want to keep the relationship going.

Here are the most abusive zodiac signs that are emotional vampires, ranked from highest to lowest.


The last thing you want is to get on Scorpio’s bad side. If you say one wrong word to them, they will make you a target.

Scorpio tries to manipulate you behind the scenes. He studies you and knows exactly how to push your emotional buttons. Scorpio knows you so well that he can even convince others (and you) that you are the one who is toxic!


Aries will belittle you verbally and say insensitive things that will get under your skin. Aries don’t hesitate to tell you how they feel about you, even if it harms your well-being.

It’s impossible to reason with Aries when they get hot-headed! They assume that you are too sensitive and tell you that you need to develop a thicker skin.


Virgo doesn’t seem like the type to be overly abusive, but you’d be surprised. Virgo’s need for perfection can cause her to judge and overly criticize those around her.

If you don’t do what she wants, Virgo has a nasty habit of accusing you and anyone else who will listen of everything that’s wrong with you.


Sagittarius is usually relaxed, but when angry, he has a deadly arrow in his hand that can hit you where it hurts.

When toxic, they can be overly demanding and force their own views on you while ignoring your opinion as if it were inferior.


Aquarians can be very controlling and drain your energy. When you’re with them, Aquarius makes you feel like you need permission for everything.

They try to control you because they are sure you don’t know what you are doing.

They can be incredibly insensitive to other people’s feelings. And once they’ve got their eyes on you, Aquarians can be very cruel.


Cancer is a very emotionally supportive friend, but he can take you by surprise with sudden moodiness. Cancer hides their true feelings most of the time and can be incredibly passive-aggressive.

If you accidentally step on an emotional landmine, he’ll snap at you. They feel like you should know anything that might upset them.


Taurus can be very energetic when it comes to their path.

Taurus aren’t usually emotional vampires, but if you upset them, they won’t forget it. Taurus will always be passive-aggressive just to prove their point.


It’s hard to imagine that Geminis are toxic, but who they’re with makes a difference.

If they live in a group of toxic people for too long, they become toxic themselves. You will be the person in between, spreading negative gossip to whomever you want and enjoying the power of having interesting information.


Leo doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but they may accidentally step on a few toes with their need to be the center of attention. It’s always their show and you’re just watching.

Leo can take over the conversation and does not allow others to have their say. They also make a lot of big promises that they can’t keep. You don’t lie intentionally, but it can make it seem so.


Capricorns tend to complain a lot. Without knowing it, they are sending a lot of negative vibes your way.


Libra is the one who tries to be fair to everyone.

At worst, they can be very condescending to others. But as a rule, they are able to balance their energies so that they do not hurt other people.


Pisces is a sensitive soul. Because their emotions are so moved, they try their best to take care of others and not hurt anyone’s feelings.

But there’s also a dark side: They know exactly what to say to make themselves look good. If Pisces wanted to, they could be a master of emotional manipulation.

Aside from that, they take everything you say to heart, and depending on your zodiac sign, that can be very stressful.

Zodiac Signs That Are Emotional Vampires

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